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Just Jessica

Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry
Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry

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Sexual Just Jessica

Post by Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry on Sun Oct 26, 2014 9:28 am

She sat at the bar of Bellefleur's and drummed her nails against the counter top. Watching the waitresses serve their customers, she missed her old job. Arlene looked over at her and smirked, "Well ya just gonna sit on ya behind or get up and grab some food?" She said with a hand on her hip. "I own this place now, I shouldn't be waitressin'." Arlene insisted before handing Jessica an apron and winked.

"But...are you sure? I mean..."

"You're hired. Now git!" Jessica jumped up and put her apron on, excited to have something to occupy her time. She walked up to the table and two of the regulars who happened to be friends of Maxine smiled brightly at her. She smiled back and her eyes went a bit wide when one woman touched her hand gently.

"I am sorry about your mother in law, dear. I know she'd have wanted to see her baby boy get married, and to such a beautiful girl." Jessica blinked and swallowed, giving a nod. "Thank you, I uh...thank you."

"How's married life, Mrs. Fortenberry?" She grinned at Jessica. "And when will there be little Fortenberry babies?"

Jessica shifted awkwardly and shook her head. "Please, just...call me Jessica. Or Jess. I uh..Mrs. Fortenberry was Maxine, not me." That sounded so weird...being Mrs. Fortenberry. It would be better to be Jessica Fortenberry or Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry...Jessica Hamberry? But not Mrs. Fortenberry. It reminded her too much of the woman who despised her. She smiled sadly, "Sorry we can't have kids...I uh...I'm..." She became a bit nervous. How did they not know? "I'mavampire." She said quickly, ready for the backfire.

The women exchanged a look and then one smiled sweetly, "Oh yes, you're that girl. We remember Maxine mentioning it. You're not at all like what she described. You're a sweetheart. Hoyt's lucky to have you...and you're beautiful." Jessica just stared at the woman, shocked that she was being so kind. Was she dreaming?

"Th-tthank you? I...thank you." She smiled and all she could do was thank them for their kindness. "I'll go put your order in." She smiled again when they gave her a smile, turning and mouthing 'wow'. She was not expecting that.

But from now on, maybe being Just Jess would be easier.

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