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Hanging Out ..

Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell

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Sexual Hanging Out ..

Post by Willa Burrell on Thu Nov 06, 2014 10:03 am

She was sick of studying she had been at it for years it felt like ,she needed a break before her big final in Business Administration  and her first year in Accounting .She was amazed how fast she was learning the information she was presented with and how she was  retaining it all . She was fully ready to face the exams and go on to the next years courses plus she thought about adding her paralegal sooner then she had hoped .Being a vampire sure did have its place in a university setting .

Driving to Bellefleurs tonight for some relaxation before she hits the books one last time she remembers what the Dean of the school  wanted from her .She had just been leaving the University when Dean Roth stopped her and asked her to come to his office with him .She thought nothing of it at the time ,she followed him onto his huge offices as offices go .It was done in all red wood,the desk ,the chairs and cabinets and the wall paneling ,it was beautiful .Willa was in awe as she looked around and found her set across from the Dean …

“Umm where do I start … I guess …Ill start by saying that you are an exceptional student  …we love having you here ….you have exceeded our expectations in your work ….We would like for you to think about becoming our spoke person for our vampire  side of the University …we would like to have a whole class schedule for vampire students ….we would like to be able to have our University to be one of the first to be open to the vampire community …they are doing it over seas and it is working out very well …vampire are coming back to learn …its wonderful ..”

“Yes that is wonderful but Im afraid if I give any time to anything other than my studies I will mess everything up …what time would I have to give to do this …it sounds like a great opportunity but I don’t want to mess anything up right now when Im doing so well …”

“Well I don’t think it would cause you to lose too much of you study time …there will be photo shoots and interviews but those will be few and far between …Most of what you have to do is what you are doing and that is work …do your classes and be the lovely vampire you are …you will do well …if you agree we will start booking you for the photo shoots and start the promotions right away …we would like to have this in place for the next semester…What do you think ..”

“I just don’t know Dean …it would be great for the school wouldn’t it …Ok Ill do it but the minute I think it is interfering with my work Ill have to stop …  Now I want to make one thing clear before we start I don’t want this to be some cheesy vampire university fangs out BS ok …it has to be professional or I wont be involved …”

“No of coarse not Miss Burell this is a university after all …we will the most professional in everything we promote about our school and in this specially so …we want this to work  for everyone involved …”

“I didn’t mean to offend its just that some humans might look at this as a way to do something off the wall and I didn’t want that to happen …you know …”

They talked for a few more minutes about how the promotions and interviews will work and they booked a meeting in week .

Pulling into the parking lot was totally different tonight then the first time after school ,tonight there was a parking lot full of cars .She was happy to see that business picked up for Arlene in the last little while she deserved it .She pulled in to park and walked up to the door hearing music flowing out the of the bar with the rumbling of soft voices just underneath put a smile on her face .She was there to relax and maybe have some interesting conversation with whom ever was around ,tonight was her unwind night and she was going to enjoy it .She walked in and saw the place wasnt really packed but busy enough .She took a seat at the bar where Jess was pulling a beer , she smiled at her and got a warm one in return .As she was getting comfortable Arlene came out of the kitchen with dishes filled with burgers and fries ,she winked at Willa and hand gestured that she would be there in a second.Willa turned in her seat and took in all the people in the bar ,all were looking like they were enjoying a night out which was magical  since not too long ago this was a place of nightmares .

She remembered all to well what this bar looked like after the infected rampaged through .But now you wouldn’t even know Arlene and Holly had done a wonderful job getting this place back together …

“Hey Girl ….How are you tonight….the ol place is really pickin up don’t ya think ?”

“Hi Arlene …Im doing great …tonight is a relax night for me no books …so I would like a very nice white wine …And yes the place is looking great ...you said the people would come back and they did …you hung in there and look at what happened ….its great …”

“Well we aren’t back to what Sam was doin …but that’s ok after you know what happened its surprising that anyone came back …so Ill take what I can get …Hows the studying going ?”

“ Oh its great …Im exceeding what my expectations were for myself …its wonderful …The Dean of the university ..”

“Umm darling hold that thought for a moment …Ill be right back “ and Arlene left to go bus a table and then set a new round of customers at the empty table and took their drink order .She heads Willa way to get the drinks ..

“Go on Im listening …”

“So the Dean of the University has offered for me to be the new spokes person for their new wing of the University all for vampires …they want to be open for vampire students by next semester …can you believe it …me a spokes person ….Im finally going to make a difference …”   she said with a big smile on her face ..

“Oh honey that’s wonderful …Ill be right back …” Arlene rushes over to the new customers with their drinks and takes their orders then heads back to Willa to put up the order …

“Im so proud of you honey …So what does all this spoke person do ?  Are you going to be on TV ?”

“Yes I am sure I will be …in advertising for the new wing and educational plans they have for the vampire and there will be interviews about my life as a student and how I love the school …stuff like that I think …Im a little scared but excited too…it would be nice if vampire could look after vampire stuff like financing ..legal ..even the purchase of property can be hard for a vampire …and even though you wouldn’t think so our kind get taken advantage of a lot due to the laws my daddy put in place before he died …”

“Your daddy really kinda fucked things up for y’all didn’t he …Well now with what you are doing you can fix some of that …I know you can you’re a smart cookie …Oh gots to go …Talk in a minute …”

Arlene went to bus the several tables that just left while Willa sipped on her wine and surveyed the scene .She loved it here it was so warm and filled with love .It was like walking into a big slice of warn bread just out of the oven .Arlene brought that to her bar since she had bought it she had tried to make it as homey as possible ,and she succeeded .

Willa thought that was why the people came back so soon they felt the love and kindness Arlene threw out there without a thought .It was so far from what Arlene was just a few years ago all full of hate for anyone except a counted few ,she has grown so much and it shows .Willa had only heard stories about Arlene before ,how she hated vampires , anyone who was different really and how she wasn’t shy about it either .You would never know that now with the love she shows Keith ,how friendly she is to her and really how she is friendly and caring with every one .She is a totally different person .

Willa finished off her wine then decided she better head home to the furries .She said her goodbyes and heads out the door .Riding home she listens to the radio while thinking about being a spokes person and how that made her feel ,she felt great  smiling all the way home .

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