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A new start ?

Holly Cleary
Holly Cleary

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Sexual A new start ?

Post by Holly Cleary on Thu Nov 06, 2014 12:32 pm

She woke covered on sweat shaking with tears on her face again, will this ever stop ,she thought to herself .She got up quietly tiptoeing to the bathroom to shower before Andy woke so he wouldn’t know she had another dream ,she had been keeping them from him now .It had been weeks since she had told him of the last one she wanted him to think she was getting better ,he was so worried about her she couldnt have him worrying any longer.

Once out of the shower she felt the nightmare fading .Heading to the kitchen to make coffee she still felt dirty no matter how much she scrubbed in the shower ,would this ever end .As the coffee was brewing she thought back to those nights in the dungeon it made her shake .How long will this go on .She heard Andy come down the stairs .

“How did you sleep darling ?”

“Good babe …how about you ?”

“Oh you know me …like a rock …coffee on ?”

“Yeah almost ready …get you a cup ?”

“Please ..did you get the paper ?”

“No …Ill go “Holly getting up to go outside to the mail box .Andy waves her back down and gets up himself .

“You go ahead and get the coffee Ill get the paper ..”

Holy went into the kitchen poured two cups of steaming coffee and headed out to the dining room then set them on the table just as Andy was heading in the house to sit down .They both sit down in the dining room Andy taking the Bon Temps paper and Holly taking the Shreve Port paper sipping their coffee.

Holly knew just what she was looking for in the paper she shuffled through to the classifieds to the for sale section and there it was ,The Moon Goddess Emporium Book Store still up for sale, has been for years .Every weeks she looks for it to see if the price has dropped and low and behold this week it has dropped $50,000 and they are now including all the stock .It put a smile on her face ,she was hoping for the Foreclosure sale that would bring the price down even further .It should be soon the bank has been holding onto the store for years without any takers ,it should be soon .

“Andy how long do you think it will take the bank to give up on the Emporium ?”

“Not sure ..it should be soon that dump has been empty for ever …”

“Its not a dump Andy …not in the right hands anyway …what would you say if I wanted to buy it and bring it back to life ?”

“First thing I would say is where you getting the money ?” with a bit of a snicker in his voice

“Don’t you laugh at me Andy Bellefleur …I could make that store back to it former glory …don’t you think ?”

“Sure you could Holly …but running a business aint like waitressing …just like Arlene has found out…why do you want that old store anyway ?”

“Im tired of waitressing …I want to do something else with my life …something meaningful and running a spiritual book store feels right to me…I have lost my spirit my religion I cant feel the Goddess anymore and I think this would help …”

“Holly …Ummm…I don’t know what to say …Im so sorry you feel that way …Ill help you if I can …we can go to the bank and see if we even  qualify for a business loan …with the money Grandma left me it shouldn’t be a problem …if this is really what you want Ill make it happen …”

“Really Andy …do you think I could run my own store …Ill make an appointment with your banker right away …Oh Andy this makes me so happy …me a store owner of the Emporium …could this really happen …”

Holly  wasted no time she called Andy’s banker and made an appointment for the both of them to see if was possible to get a business loan to buy the store, they were to be there tomorrow at ten in the morning.Smiling from ear to ear she walked over to Andy and kissed him on the head then slid her arms down around his chest and kissed him on the neck and check whispering in his ear how much she loved him ,then went to sit down still smiling .

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