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Reaching out

Sexual Reaching out

Post by Tolvin Richter on Sun Nov 23, 2014 7:26 pm

Tolvin knew he could not take much more so he closed his eyes. He took stock of what he had seen when the door opened each time about the room. The doorway shape was what stuck in his mind. There was something familiar about it but he did not know why. He had to make his move though so he moved to the door and then slid along the wall to an area that always stayed dark. He found a small stool. He slowly unscrewed two of the legs from it and slid the rest of it to where he had been left. He used his shirt and coat to makeshift a shape that might buy him a second or two and moved to a spot by the door. He had to be patient for the right moment.

Time crawled by slowly as he waited. His arms were aching from holding the stool legs at ready and he was about the lower them when he heard laughter on the other side of the door. He knew he would not have long. He listened as the key turned in the latch and watched the single line of light grow to a shaft of light. He watched as the men stepped in, fooled for the moment by his 'dummy'. He knew he had to use the moment and had no idea what would be on the other side of the door. He struck down over and over, hearing the groans of pain as he did his dark work. One glance told him his hunch about the doorway had been right. As the men slumped to the ground, he slid beside them and found a cell phone in one man's pocket. He keyed a number he knew as well as his own and sent a single word: 'Devi'. He left the phone on and kicked it to the corner of the room before turning to the doorway. He felt around the other man, finding a small pistol and an extra clip. He moved to the doorway, the light searing his eyes at the first few moments. He knew he was now on borrowed time. He had to find Rochelle and Rajat...if they were even here. He began moving as quietly as he could and checking rooms one after the other.

Sexual Re: Reaching out

Post by Rochelle Petrakis on Sun Nov 23, 2014 7:42 pm

A week ago, she'd been moved and it worried her. She'd lost track of time and how long she'd been here, captive. Her hope was dwindling and she was refusing to eat. Still nursing the black eye from the brute that made her take down the jacket she'd hung over the camera in the room, she winced and tossed in the small cot of the room. She'd contemplated a plan for a while and although she had no idea where she was, she was determined to live and escape this hell.

Her father had taught her lots of things. She had to fight, she had to get out of this. The more she thought of Tolvin, Rajat and her father, the more strength she seemed to get. A tear escaped her eye and she knew it had to be done. Wiping her cheek, she unbuttoned her shirt to reveal her bra and listened as the hard footsteps came closer. Sniffling in a breath, she waited. When the door opened, she moved to sit on the bed and gave her best seductive look. The asshole looked at her like she was dinner and moved in, leaving the door open in his stupor. "Finally seein reason ain't ya?" He was a hick by his accent, not too bright either. But strong and tall. She licked her lips and batted her lashes. "I feel so needy, so so...needy." She said seductively.

He came closer and she beckoned him with a finger. He moved towards her and she laid down as he climbed a top her. She had to act fast. As he began to kiss at her neck, she pressed her lips together and fought back her tears. Wrapping her legs around his waist, she moved her hand under her pillow and grabbed the weapon she'd been working on. It was the heel of her shoe sharpened by using the concrete walls in the last place she had been in. Silently counting, she waited until she got to three and shoved it hard into the side of his neck. He cried out and she quickly placed her small hands on his head and twisted quickly, snapping his neck. His limp body fell off the bed and she scurried up and out of the room. Disoriented from lack of food and sleep, her adrenaline kicking in.

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Sexual Re: Reaching out

Post by Tolvin Richter on Sun Nov 23, 2014 7:58 pm

As Tolvin moved to the next hallway, what he had worried on finally happened. He opened a door and found an occupied room. The men in the room were obviously not the friendly type as he saw them reaching for guns. He had no strength to fight them physically and with only one good eye, he would most likely lose. He sighed and did what he had too. Three shots rang out from his confiscated pistol and all chance of subtlety was gone. He entered the room and restocked himself from the goods in the room. As he walked from the room, he felt a bit more himself, even if he only had one good eye right now.He moved back to the hallway and walked carefully, knowing someone had to have heard the shots.

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Sexual Re: Reaching out

Post by Rochelle Petrakis on Sun Nov 23, 2014 8:07 pm

She was slowly creeping through the hallways and heard three loud shots, the first causing her to gasp and duck. No one was around but it was close. She had to get out of here and soon. There was no doubt she was being watched on surveillance. Ducking into a room, she peeked her good eye out and kept watch. Her body trembled in fear as she was unarmed. Swallowing hard, she waited for minutes and needed something, anything to protect herself.

Suddenly, she caught sight of movement and watched a man with his back to her as he crept through the hallways, carrying a nice rifle. Yes, this is what she needed. A little closer and he would be hers. She pulled her hair into a ponytail, slipping off her belt from around her waist and planning to use it on him. He passed the door and she crept it open, attacking him as she wrapped the belt around his throat and tightened it. "Don't make this hard..." she said through clenched teeth.

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Sexual Re: Reaching out

Post by Tolvin Richter on Tue Nov 25, 2014 7:30 pm

Tolvin felt the grip around him and knew he had to move...NOW...

"I don't think so..."

Tolvin dropped to one knee, shifting his weight and rolling his attacker over his shoulder, letting the attacker's grip carry him until the grip was released. He rolled away and aimed at the attacker, pausing only at the last moment when he recognized her.

Sexual Re: Reaching out

Post by Rochelle Petrakis on Tue Nov 25, 2014 7:36 pm

He pulled her forward and slung her easily over his shoulder, causing her back to slam against the floor. She refused to give up and she'd fight till the death for her life. Grunting hard as she landed on her back, she growled and went to get up when she saw him. He pointed a firearm at her and her heart sank, her good eye taking in the sight before her. She let out a soft cry and gasped, her breath hitching in her throat. "Tolvin?" She whispered softly, afraid he was not himself.

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Sexual Re: Reaching out

Post by Tolvin Richter on Tue Nov 25, 2014 7:37 pm

He lowered the rifle's aim and nodded. He looked behind her and his expression sank.


Sexual Re: Reaching out

Post by Rochelle Petrakis on Tue Nov 25, 2014 7:39 pm

She composed herself as best as she could, wiping the tears from her face as she swallowed hard and shook her head. "Haven't seen him in....I don't know." She whispered, slowly getting to her feet on shaky legs. "He...he has to be alive..." She prayed.

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Sexual Re: Reaching out

Post by Tolvin Richter on Tue Nov 25, 2014 7:46 pm

He tossed the pistol to Rochelle and smiled as much as he could manage.

"If my message got through, we should have some backup soon. I used one of the guard's cell to tip off Mr. Quinn to where we are. I recognize the style from photos he had at the house. It seems the past and present are getting confused."

As he walked toward her, he leaned in, kissing her cheek and pulling back. He tucked the spare clips in her pocket and shouldered the rifle.

"He is alive. It is the only way I can see him. After all, he is Mr. Quinn's son. We need to try to find him while things are still 'in the air', so to speak. Once things calm down, it will be harder."

Sexual Re: Reaching out

Post by Rochelle Petrakis on Tue Nov 25, 2014 7:50 pm

She nodded and listened to him as he armed her. Taking the pistol and holding it tightly, she watched him place clips in her pockets. She looked up at him and smiled softly, touching his wounded cheek and shaking her head. "We will make them pay...and we will find him." She said with a determined look, her grip on the handle of the gun was all she could focus on.

After a moment, she wrapped her arms around him and hugged him as tight as she could, careful not to hurt him. "I was so worried about you." She whispered and closed her eyes, missing this so much, missing him.

She heard footsteps and her eyes jolted open. When the man cut the corner, she continued to hug Tolvin and aimed the gun at him, firing only once and landing the shot perfectly in his head. He dropped to the ground and she pulled back to look at Tolvin. "We need to move. What's the plan?"

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Sexual Re: Reaching out

Post by Tolvin Richter on Wed Nov 26, 2014 6:20 am

Tolvin leaned on the wall for a moment to rest and though about things.

"If I remember the layout from the photos, there should only be a few more hallways. Rajat has to be in one of the rooms here. I am hoping there is more to the story than meets the eye...or it will be bad for the woman running things here..."

He pushed off the wall with a grunt and motioned the way he had been moving.

"This way. We only fire if we must. No telling how many problems we are going to find and we have limited ammo. Salvage anything you can as we go."

Lifting the rifle, he slowly moved forward, keeping his body close to the walls.

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Sexual Re: Reaching out

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