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Just letting you know

Holly Cleary
Holly Cleary

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Sexual Just letting you know

Post by Holly Cleary on Mon Mar 30, 2015 11:39 am

Sitting on a stool at work across from the shelving of books she uses her powers to put the new order away .She has the boxes of books in front of the shelves and as she calls out the name of the books off the shipping order they come out of the box and float to their place on the shelves .She does this over and over until the boxes are empty then she gets up gathering all the boxes taking them to the back store room she hears the door buzzer .

She heads out front to see who has come to her store and it was Sam …

“Hello Holly …you here ..Hello…”Sam says are she enters the shop taking off her coat .

“Hey girl ..how are you ..I haven’t seen you in… a while …” Holly says coming out front dusting herself off .

“Good and you …yeah we haven’t had the chance to get together but next week we are ..are you game ?” Sam asks with a smile on her face.

“That would be great …are we having it here ?” Holly asks already thinking about what she would need to get ready  .” Holly asks with a smile on her face .

“No not this time we would like to have this one in the forest at the pond ..we all thought it would be great to have a night out …what do you think  ?” Sam asked getting herself a cup of coffee and seating herself down at one of the tables .

“Oh yes that would be lovely ..out in the night ..what do I need to bring ..?” Getting herself a cup of coffee as well and seating on the opposite side of the table .

“That’s the great part you don’t have to bring a thing …after all the hosting you have done we are going   host this one ..So Im here to buy out the store …we need everything on this list ..”Handing Holly the list .

“Well that’s great today has been rather slow …”As she looked over the list she noticed that the objects started to come off the shelves .

“Well …” She said loudly so Sam wouldn’t hear the objects landing back on the shelves .

“I better get these things together for you ..”As she started to get up .

“No hurry Holly ..lets catch up first ..I haven’t seen you since the gathering and I was wondering how you were doing and hoping there were no hard feelings ..I know you wanted to save the child ..and I really hope you did …I was just really worried about you …have you had any reaction to her touching you …are you feeling normal …?” Sam reached for Hollys hand patting it .

“I wasn’t going to bring this up but if Im part of a coven I consider my coven my family …so if I tell you ..you cannot freak out …and Im only telling you for now I don’t think the rest of the sisters should know ..for now …ok ?” Holly looked into her eyes asking for a promise .

“Ok Holly but I hate keeping secrets ..but I will keep yours for now …” She looked worried .

“After the child touched me I felt weird but not sick weird …like floaty weird …after you all left I cleaned up and went to turn the lights off and they turned themselves off …well not exactly ..I turned them off with my mind …I can move things now with my mind …do you want to see ?” Holly looked at Sam who had a shocked look on her face .

“Yes I would like to see..”Sam was stunned .

Holly took Sams list going around the store she used her power and picked out everything putting it on the counter by the cash register …

“See I can move big things and small things …I have been working on moving our barbeque at home but its still at little too heavy..I can light candles and small fires but that’s all so far …I am having terrible nightmares about the child her life and her death …those come and go …they seem to be getting less as time goes on …  so what do you think ?” Holly said with a bit of caution in her voice .

“Ummm..I wish you would have confided in me sooner …Holly don’t you understand that every single witch that has had the childs power has gone crazy and has had to be put to death …Im scared for you ..we should try and take the power out of you and soon ..”Sam said with conviction .

“Its not like that though I have researched and studied everything I can find on the child and her powers and this is nothing like what happened in the past …those witches invoked her power  ..her rage ..she gave these powers to me willingly ..totally different …they don’t feel evil or bad …they feel like they have been apart of me ever since I was born ..it feels like she has evolved my own powers not given me new ones ..if that makes any since ..” Looking pleadingly at Sam trying to make her understand .

“I don’t know Holly …these powers are nothing to play at ..look at what happened to Marnie when she got some power ..she went crazy …and her niece ..just the thought of the childs powers made her crazy …it doesn’t feel right ..” Sam said full of concern .

“Well all I can say is Im taking it slow and if I start feeling like they are controlling me Ill let you know …but I think this is very interesting for our coven once I have more control …we would be able to do better magics …just think of the chants …we will have more to offer the Goddess now …”Holly was getting excited about all they could do now with her power .

“One step at a time ..I would like to work with you sometimes when you are training …there are some good books that you have in the store on levitation ..have you read them yet ..come on Ill show you ..I noticed them the last time I was here …”Sam pulled Holly out of her chair right to where the books were.

They went over several books on levitation ,fire starting and casting .Several hours later Sam left the store with her bag of treats for the gathering and a warning for Holly .

Dont push yourself or you may just push yourself to hard.Let it come naturally most natural witches have evolved naturally .And all if Holly got was a supernatural boost to her own powers then the natural evolution of the process will take effect.But if it was a supernatural boost with unnatural powers those powers will eat Holly alive .

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