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~Memories of the King of Louisiana~

Bill Compton
Bill Compton

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Sexual ~Memories of the King of Louisiana~

Post by Bill Compton on Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:01 am

"By the power invested in me by the one true Vampire Authority whose Wisdom and Justice we hold sacred. I here by pronounce you…… King William Compton of Louisiana…"

Nan Flanagan had just pronounced me King of Louisiana after Sophie-Ann has just met the True Death. The Vampire Authority and the AVL needed a new Monarch to take reign of the area as Sophie-Ann had abused her title of Queen, selling her blood to fund her extra-curricular activities, our blood was sacred, to use that for her own gain was sacramental to our kind. Our blood was seen as a type of drug to human, and to use that to fund that for our own personal use was forbidden, it was action for the True Death.

"I pledge my fealty to the Authority for as long as I walk this earth and I swear it upon the blood"

I now had what i had wanted, i was now King. I had power that i never had before. I now had the power to protect those that i love....Sookie and my prodigy Jessica. Being King certainly had its advantages, i had the control that i had wanted. Nan Flanagan had come to me with the proposition regarding the Queen, and it seems that she has been under investigation for some time regarding the issue over the selling of her blood (V as known to humans....Because of the enhancements and euphoria it grants, V addiction is highly common. As such, V is one of the most powerful "drugs" on the illegal market)

"Hear hear....Now go clean your self up..…Your cover in Queen…"

I still held the stake in my hand which i had used to kill Sophie-Ann. I had the power i wanted over Sheriff Northman, he had always held his power over me and he knew that. There was nothing I could do, the power and position of being the Sheriff meant he could have always taken Sookie away from me, but now he couldn't.

But then again, it didn't matter....Sookie is no longer mine....I had betrayed the love of my life for my own personal gain, at the edict of th Queen. Eric Northman knew this, once a Queen gives an order, she shall not be refused or they shall meet the True Death.

The only person i have loved is all my years as Vampire was gone, the one person who brought light back into my life was gone. All i had in my life was Jessica. My child, my daughter is some ways, as King would mean she was entitled to my protection and protection from other Area's of Louisiana and extended beyond that.

No matter what happens I would protect Sookie with my life, no one must ever find out her heritage and what she is, and any vampire who knew of what she was, would meet the True Death. Its a shame that i did not give the True Death to Eric. Now that Sookie was no longer mine, he would do anything to have her ....And that I will not allow to happen!!!

~Memories of the King of Louisiana~ Rsz_2i10

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