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Searching For The Leak

Bill Compton
Bill Compton

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Sexual Searching For The Leak

Post by Bill Compton on Mon Jul 02, 2012 9:58 am

Throwing papers across the floor, searching through storage boxes that were once on my desk that now took residence on my office floor. My office was still the same, nothing out of place, lights shone in almost every room. To the humans it would seem everything was in its place, not a speck of dirt, dust .... or blood too be found.

To any human eye, this house would seem as inviting as the next, a warn atmosphere, a wonderful place too live. But we all know that the walls in this house hid pain, cries and fear. As they say appearances can be deceiving. It was only mere days ago the body (or what was left of it) of Nan Flanagan lay here in a pile by my desk, the faint smell of some sort of cleaning product that myself and Eric had used to clear away traces of the blood, the scent still slightly lingered in the air.

Books that were centuries old, priceless old artifacts that could not be found by any human now lay in scrap piles across the floor as Jessica searched through them individually. Books that were already torn and were now beyond usage were in piles among others that i myself had searched through.

Someone outside the four of us knew of the place that we had buried Russell. And for someone to know that, must have bugged my office of some sort. I had not even discussed the subject with Jessica, my own prodigy, she should not, and never know of the danger that awaits Eric and me.

I continued to search through drawers of my desk, it had too be somewhere, it must be! Whoever was working with Russell had too be someone who was watching our every move, and knew of the connection between us. The list is endless, a double agent of the Vampire Authority?

I had questioned Eric on Nora's involvement with her own agenda, and how the use of Russell Edgington to take down the Authority, but she had no knowledge of his whereabouts, the one thing i could agree on him with, he is not suicidal.

Russell Edgington was free, somewhere anyone could guess, there had been no sightings of him by the human public. Eric had spoken to Pam, having suspected that she may have been the cause of his release, as only four of us knew of the location of his burial, myself, Eric, Pam and Alcide.

The Authority would only stand for the search for so long, until they believed that we were merely pro-longing the sentence of the True Death on both our heads. Merely hanging above us as silver daggers waiting to pierce our un-dead hearts.

The weight of the stake that i had around my heart, began to feel heavy, as though i was merely expecting it to pierce it at any moment. The Authority were not known to be toyed with if they believed that we were toying with them as humans say.

I continued to search through shelves once again, there was nothing here, Jessica continued to search through the book shelves, unknown of why there would be a bug in my office, under the vampire law i was still King of Louisiana, until i meet the True Death, which could be at any present moment.

I did not want to worry Jessica about my impending death, if we were even able to find Russell and hand him over to the Authority, we could and probably would continue to meet the True Death over our treason.

I turned to Jessica, such a beautiful woman, my child. My blood coursed through her veins, that I could feel, she was frantic as she searched, i could almost feel her inner battle with herself debating on what it was that had me in turmoil. I daresay that part of me wanted too tell her of what the future held, but i did not want too worry her.

I turned to her, and smiled at her, trying too cover the falsehood that hid behind the lies that i continued too feed too her. I caught her eye and she returned my smile, and who would have thought we would have come so far.

I turned once again to further on my search, their just had too be something here.....there was a leak....and it needed too be found.

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