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Preparing for the Goodbye

Bill Compton
Bill Compton

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Sexual Preparing for the Goodbye

Post by Bill Compton on Sat Jul 14, 2012 10:55 am

As i paced my office once again, memories of Jessica from last night still burned freshly in my mind. The day that Eric and Pam had brought her back to my home saying that she was too much too handle, still brought me laughter.

Thinking back too that day brought many memories back, all of them good involving Jessica. I walked towards my drinks cabinet to pour myself a glass of blood. I placed the pitcher back on the shelf and closed the door to the cabinet.

I took a sip of the blood as it passed it my lips and slid down my throat. I walked towards the double doors that opened onto a balcony than over looked the cemetery than separated my home from Sookie's.

I walked towards the edge and leaned against a pillar, observing the night before me. I took another sip from my glass, savoring the flavor as the blood passed my lips.

I stood there and continued too think. Seeing her face like that, hearing how much she cared for me, not only as her maker, but as her father.

I walked back from the balcony towards my office. The cleaning crew had been in here today, i could smell an orange and lemon scent that still lingered in the air.

I could still smell the faintest smell of Jessica's blood as she had been crying since the moment i had told her that i may meet the True Death.

I had the call mere hours ago from my lawyer, the documents that i had sent of re-guarding my assets had been changed so that if i meet the True Death, everything i own would be Jessica's.

There had been more i wanted too say too her too her, but i could not find the words. I walked around towards my desk and sat down in my chair, i put my now empty glass on it.

On my desk was a photo of myself and Jessica. I had wanted something to have with me. I took the picture in my hand, and smiled at all of the memories that i would hold with me until i met the True Death.

I put the frame back on my desk, i now had to do one of the most hardest things i ever had too do. I pulled a piece of paper from my drawer. I took a pen and put it to the paper to write a letter to my prodigy, something for her to have for when i met the True Death....

I began too write my final goodbye
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