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The Dream

Bill Compton
Bill Compton

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Sexual The Dream

Post by Bill Compton on Tue Jul 17, 2012 6:07 am

Have you ever wanted it to stop? Have you ever wished that everything would just stop. Either it just be for a moment?


I always thought vampires could not dream, but it seems that i was wrong.

I awoke my my slumber, just before the sun had fully set beyond the horizon. My room was still dark as the light proof shutters had not yet activated to open yet.

I sat up straight in my bed, the sound of Jessica's voice echoing through my ears. It seems as though i could hear her as though she was standing in front of me.

I felt a sear pain course through my chest, i could feel Jessica's pain.

If vampires could dream.....that what i did.

*In My Dream*

We had just entered the Morgue as Eric lead the way with Sookie following. Jessica had followed us there, wanting too help with Russell Edgington. We had argued all the way to the Asylum.

She was determined not to stay behind and let us walk straight ahead into possibly a trap. I had begged her to stay in the van, but she would not. I could have use the Maker's command, but i would not take her free will. If Jessica was to come with us, I would rather being able to protect her with her by my side.

We were ambushed by the wolves from Jackson. Sookie had being using her powers to keep her safe. Eric and I were handling ourselves.

And thats when we heard him.

"A welcoming home party....For me"

Jessica was a strong vampire for her young age...but she was still no match for Russell. She had launched herself at him and he had caught her by her throat.

He had leaned into her, and he now had my attention and he spoke the words that any Maker would dread too hear.

"Such a pain too loose a child"

"No" i had shouted.

Then he had punched his hand through her chest, and now held her heart in his hand.

I watched as she disintegrated into a pile of blood. I then felt a searing pain course through my chest.


As blood poured from my eyes, my child, my prodigy....Jessica was gone.

*End Of My Dream*

And that is what brought me out of my slumber.

I had was pacing my room, the sun still in the sky. I had known Jessica had taken shelter in a room across the hall. I walked towards my door and opened it.

The sun still shone through some of the windows leading into the hallway. I raced across the hall, as the sun singed my skin as i crossed the hall.

I stopped at the door which lead to Jessica's room. I slowly opened the door and stepped inside. Jessica was still under and had not yet woken for the night.

I walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge. She was still sleeping as peaceful as ever.

And then i saw a single red tear fall down her face. I knew then that she would live, with or without me.

She was what i had too live for, my prodigy. I would live for her. If it is the last thing i ever do.

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