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Just the Blood

Kiara Griffen
Kiara Griffen

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Sexual Just the Blood

Post by Kiara Griffen on Tue Jul 17, 2012 4:44 pm

Everything seemed hazy. She knew where she was; surrounded by soft pillows and sheets on the large bed. The room was dim and cool, something that sounded like a water fountain off in the distance. She groaned, rolling over to her side, clutching a cool silk pillow.

A pair of strong, pale arms wrapped around her, spooning behind her. They were like coiled steel wrapped in delicate silk. The pulled her back to a strong, broad, hard chest. Cool, expert hands explored her body, which she now just realized was completely bare. She moaned, the foreign hands cupping her breasts, teasing her nipples to within an inch of their lives.

A low moan escaped her lips, her back arching, her hips pressing to a hard bulge behind her. Lips grazed along her shoulder, breathing in her scent, tasting her skin as if they couldn’t get enough. She shuddered, her stomach tensing in expectation as the hands went from her breasts down to her hips.

“Awake so early…?” she asked, her voice soft and thick with lust. A low male chuckle greeted her question.

“For you…I never sleep” he whispered, a hand running down along her thighs, skimming the sensitive skin of her folds. She moved her hips in impatient protest. “mmm.. what is it you’re doing?” she asked, although it was just more of verbal foreplay at this point. She got no verbal response, instead lips attacked her neck with fervor, kissing and marking the spots, boldly proclaiming that she belonged to him. His fingers began to do wicked things to her core, skimming and exploring without delving any deeper, wanting to tease her more.

“What is it you want little wolf… say it. I want to hear your desires” he said, his voice deep and husky by her ear. She shivered a stubborn part of her not wanting to cave in so easily. “Mmm…you know what I want…. You want it too” she whispered, moving her hips so they caressed that now throbbing bulge of his.

A low growl met her response before he sank a finger into her, eliciting a precious moan from her lips. “Tell me.. what you want” he said again, his finger probing and caressing her inner walls. She moaned, for a second unable to articulate any words as his hand continued its assault of her body.

“Do you…really need to hear it?” she asked, her breathing more labored as his hand continued to toy with her self restraint.

“I’m a weak vampire Kiara… I love hearing my name on your lips when you voice your desires to me” he whispered. A soft pop and suddenly there were fangs grazing along her shoulder and neck.

“I want you…. All of you… Bill” she said. A low triumphant growl came from behind her.

“Good girl…” he said before suddenly he sank his fangs into her neck.
Kiara gasped, suddenly waking from her late afternoon nap. Her skin was clammy, her hand instantly shot to her neck to check and perhaps worst of all, her loins were clenching in need. She took a moment to compose herself, getting out of bed and heading to her personal bathroom. She splashed cold water on her face, unable to shake away the desire that clawed at her subconscious, not to mention that tiny irritated voice that screamed she’d woken up too soon.

“It was just a dream Kiara, get it together” she told herself, giving her reflection a stern look. “It was just the blood he fed you speaking, nothing more” she added, needing to reassure herself. She stripped out of her pj’s hoping into the shower and setting the water to its coldest setting.

“It was just the blood”

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