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take a stand

Rikki Mercer
Rikki Mercer

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Sexual take a stand

Post by Rikki Mercer on Wed Jul 18, 2012 4:48 pm

our pack is broken. weres we are a pack animals. we need each other for support and streghtn.we are a family and since the death of our pack master Marcus by the hands of Alcide we have been divided. some of us want alcide to take his place as pack master while others spit on the idea.
This pack wont last long with out a leader. soon they will turn on each other. we need unity and leadership. J.D claimed to be the new leader what a waste. how could he just sit there? cant he see we need a leader?but no he's to busy sucking face with that woman. We need need a strong leader. one who cares and puts the pack before himself.
I sit in disgust and watch my pack fall apart. I need to do something, but what can I do? Challenge J.D? It wasn't my place. Alcide is the rightful pack master. so by our law he is the new Alpha if he likes it or not. the night when he declined it still lingers in my thoughts. I was more of shock and disapontment then anger. I was alittle angry he didnt care to step up but Im more angry J.D ran his mouth and pissed him off.
We have rules and laws inplace to keep order and unity. this pack is a family and I would die for my family. So do I just sit here and sulk or do I stand up for whats right?
My question was answered when Alcide strolled in. He was stepping up for pack master. So What did I do? I stood up and backed him up.

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