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A touch of Sun

Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry
Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry

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Sexual A touch of Sun

Post by Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry on Fri Jul 20, 2012 10:55 pm

I was off tonight, thankfully. I didn't have to see Arlene and deal with her miserable attitude. But, I did feel so sorry for her. I overheard Holly and her talking and something about Terry leaving her and the kids. I was shocked to say the least. I guess I could let her bitchiness slide since she WAS going through some real bad stuff.

I was somewhat alone in the empty mansion, Bill still doing God knows what. The guards were in their "office" watching some kind of sport hooting and hollering every now and then. I opened my closet to browse and see what I could possibly buy next. The shop in Shreveport had the best pickins and latest fashions for great prices. I stopped when I saw my bikini I had purchased on impulse. Once I'd gotten home and realized what I bought I was pretty sulky that day. I touched the fabric of the bright green fabric and sighed. I pulled it from the rod and turned walking to my bed as I held the outfit. "Never to see the sun again. That kinda sucks...." I said as I thought about how being a vampire was beginning to be kickass but I did miss tanning and laying out in the sun with friends.


I looked twice at my bedside table and furrowed my brow as I noticed a small box I'd received from the nice vampire who had gadgets. (Dieter) He'd given me a sun in a box, so to speak. I placed the bikini down and stood to fetch the small box. I should wait until Bill is home to show him, but curiosity won. I smiled and had an idea. I grabbed the outfit and sped to the bathroom and in seconds had the bikini on with my hair up in a loose ponytail. I grabbed the small box and looked around the room. Setting it high on a bookshelf, leaning it just right on its stand, I opened the lid and saw the lens. I pressed the on button and rays of sunlight spread down on me like it was high noon....and it didn't burn...I didn't smoke, and I didn't hurt. "Wow...this is totally cool." I said out loud and remembered I was alone. I wondered if I could get a tan with this thing. I was white when I was human...now? I was whiter. Sometimes I think back and all that really tells that I'm a vampire are my fangs and cold skin. I stood under the lights and closed my eyes, picturing myself on a beach.

Seemed like I'd just turned it on when the light shut off. My eyes opened and I sighed. Well....how great. He did say it didn't last long but wow I'd only had it on for a few min---oh wow....almost an HOUR! I looked down at my skin to see no change in my skin pigmentation. "Damn..." I said. But a smile crossed my lips because for the first time in almost two whole years, I felt the sun...or something like it...and it didn't hurt me or almost kill me. I closed the box and examined it. I had to talk Bill into getting some sort of sun room put in. I secured it safely in my bedside table drawer and went change into some comfy clothes. Laying in my bed, I decided it was time to start entering things in my journal again.

~Dear Diary......~

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