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A Were.........Tiger? The tale of John Quinn

John Quinn
John Quinn

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Sexual A Were.........Tiger? The tale of John Quinn

Post by John Quinn on Mon Jul 23, 2012 6:49 pm

Quinn is a large and tall-six and a half feet-muscular man (often regarded as a wrestler type man). He has a rich olive skin tone that is lightly scarred from the years of fighting in the ring. He also shaves his head bald and the rest of his body is told to be just as hairless. The most startling thing about Quinn is his deep purple eyes; which have been referred to as the color of a fresh Iris. He has a certain air to him, not of arrogance, but when you walk into a room, you can't help but see him. Being such a 'huge' man, it's hard to hide.

Quinn is a very confident man. With the several times he has faced danger he has always kept his head, and never shown fear. He also seems to hold himself in high regard for he was ashamed when he was overcome by six werewolves. Quinn is also very protective of those he loves, he believes it is his duty to get his family out of any kind of trouble they may face; this tends to make Quinn wear himself thin. Even though Quinn has had a rocky history he still manages to have a good sense of humor, and he still flashes his smile quite often. He takes is responsibilities seriously, and though he is a large man he manages to be quite gentle.

A bit more History:

When Quinn was still a teenager his mother was captured by a group of hunters who were poaching for illegal dogfights. After reverting back to her human form, one of the hunters (it is not known whether or not the hunters where supernatural) proceeded to rape her. When Quinn found her being raped he killed all of the hunters. To clean up the murder scene Quinn went to the aid of the local vampire nest, who agreed to help on one condition... Quinn had to work for them for three years, or until he died (whichever came first). So, for three years Quinn fought in "The Pits" as a gladiator. Never before had a pit fighter lasted as long as Quinn so as a result he is famous among the supernatural world.

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