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Viking Musings

Eric Northman
Eric Northman

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Sexual Viking Musings

Post by Eric Northman on Mon Mar 26, 2012 7:12 pm

Eric somehow found himself at the Bon Temp Cemetery. It was not a place he frequented but for whatever reason it allowed him to clear his mind. Situated between his favorite(Sookie's home) and least favorite (Bill's Mannor) places, it was a place where all the dear departed humans came to rest. It was also a place where many a vampire had risen after being turned. He strolled until he came upon a specific grave. "Adele Stackhouse" it read. It was Sookie's grandmother, slain by a vampire hating idiot. Sookie often spoke of her and judging by the way Sookie acted, she must have been an incredible human. He wondered if she would approve of him seeking out her granddaughter, dating and feeding off her on a regular basis. Not that the opinion of a human mattered but to Sookie it did, and if it made Sookie happy, Eric would try his best to please.

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