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Dear God, It's me...Sam Merlotte

Sam Merlotte
Sam Merlotte

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Sexual Dear God, It's me...Sam Merlotte

Post by Sam Merlotte on Thu Aug 02, 2012 7:44 pm

Sam sat there on the couch, Luna wrapped in a blanket laying across his lap. Every once in a while turning and contorting, heaving in the bucket. He grimaced as he watched her in so much pain. She tried to sleep, he tried to comfort her. None to which was working. He ran the dampened cloth across her sweating forehead. -How about we go to the hospital? Maybe they can help us, they helped Tommy.- She straight up refused it. If she were going to die, she'd do it here, in his arms. His heart felt shattered. He wasn't sure what caused her to be so sick. Was it always like this when someone skinwalked? His fingers ran deftly in her tangled hair. She was a mess, but moving her was impossible. She hurt so bad, and nothing helped.

Finally after hours of heaving and contorting, she was asleep. Not soundly, but sleeping and resting. He refused to fall asleep, he would watch her all day and night if he had to. Tears brimmed his eyes, he dared them to fall when she was awake, now in the quiet brief solace that surrounded them...he felt the small pearls of salt water fall from his eyes. Only hours ago, did they exchange how they felt about one another. She loved him...as he did her. The one woman that was good for him. And now God threatened to take her too. He would not give up without a fight. He continued to caress her forehead. Leaning his head on the back of the couch he looked up at the ceiling, then closed his eyes making more tears run down his cheek. He spoke silently, having the feeling of a rock in his throat. -God.....if you're there.....if you can hear me....please God....don't take her from me. Don't take the only thing I have in my life, that gives it meaning. I love this woman....I cannot live without her. You...took my brother, God PLEASE don't take Luna. I'll....go to church more. I'll.....feed the homeless.- At this point he was begging and he sighed and brought his head up and looked down at the sleeping woman in his lap. -I love you baby....please fight through this. Please.- He took her small hand in his and kissed her knuckles, droplets of tears falling onto her skin.
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