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That long awaited blunt and bath

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual That long awaited blunt and bath

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Tue Aug 07, 2012 9:48 pm

*After leaving Sooks house, I start to fuckin think over and over about how I am fuckin called upon to help." Why the fuck me all the time. Why cant I just sit down at home......Fuck that would be boring too" Noticing the more I stay around this place the more this bitch is in need. I knows I need to get the fuck up out of here before whatever I talk to and hold the fuck inside kills me.* "Now why the fuck is there someone in my mother fuckin driveway." *I slam this bitch ass car into park before I run into my house.* "Not to fuckin night motha fuckers" *Runnin in as fast as my black feet can take me. I am more then over fuckin' due for that blunt and bath. Turning on my damn lights making my home as lite as possible. I find my black ass in my bathroom. Lookin in the mirror I remember Jesus used to come into the bathroom just to look at us* "Fuck baby I miss you" *I knows I have to find a way were I can see him again, or fuck all the time if it will let me.* Fuck the water is hot mother fucker *Jumping back on my feet I look down at the water. Fuckin' shit once again I was deep in thought and I turned hot instead of simi hot! I needs to keep my mind on the here and fuckin now before I ends up dead.* I swear on my momma I will not be fuckin next that is for fuckin sure *After I finish filling the tub I strip my ass naked making myself laugh by doing a strip tease for myself...I slide myself into my tub letting the hot water come over me. It felt so good to get warm and finally have some time alone......I fuckin' spoke to soon. Jesus was there infront of me smiling* Damnit baby you scared me...*He just sat there and smiled....*Jesus:"I miss you babe I just wanted to make sure you were okay!" *Before I could even speak back he was gone...why the fuck does he have to just leave....why the FUCK can't he just stay and talk.....I am a mother fucking medium isn't this what I fucking do? I sink down into my bath still mad at the so called gift....If it is a gift why the fuck can I use it for myself.....I look at the wall before closing my eyes and remembing my last knowing moments with Jesus , I feel a tear roll down my face as I roll toward the wall to cry.*

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