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Taser? Hell NO

Andy Bellefleur
Andy Bellefleur

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Sexual Taser? Hell NO

Post by Andy Bellefleur on Wed Aug 08, 2012 5:56 pm

I arrive at work abit late. Damn alarm clock! I grab a cup of coffee and sit at my desk. Kenya comes behind me and place a massive pile of paper work. "what the hell is this!"I ask her" paper work"she says with a attitude. I roll my eyes and thumb through it. "grant for taser?! No no! Hell know!" keyna peekes her head back in."and why the hell not?" she asked"for one Stackhouse would be out back tasin gators. For two you would taser people you run there mouth off at you and for three kevin? He would get spooked and taser me in the ass. No Tasers!" I said handing her the paper work back. " Im going to the store real quick. Get some five hour energy or something to handle this shit." I told every one as I exited the station.

Damn its like a episode of golden girls in there every day. We got kevin who is rose dumb as shit. Kenya who is dorothy, always got something to say. Stack house well we all know who he is. And im poor old sophia stuck with all thier asses. Thinking to my self as i pay for my items and head back to my car. Before I could start the engine up kenya radios me. "sheriff we got a 10-3 mike."I hang my head and pick up the radio to find out where this crazy person was. as im about to pull out of the drive a car goes wizzing buy.I light up my car and pull them over

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