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Andy Bellefleur
Andy Bellefleur

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Post by Andy Bellefleur on Mon Aug 13, 2012 6:12 pm

Today was kinda crazy. well every day is crazy around here. god damn town will be the death of me.

First listen to this shit. it's Colder then day old penguin shit. Four guys beat the shit out of this guy cause he was the wrong color. after they repeatedly beat him with baseball bats they left him in the street where he got ran over. I mean how the fuck you don't see some one in the middle of the street.

Then Jason found a car in the park. He told me when he opened it it smelt nothing but the weed. He hooked both them up like a tow truck. surprised Jason didn't try take some of their weed for him self. but I guess my little Watson is maturing.

Me and Jason where later called to a complaint of a guy yelling in the middle of the street.He was yelling at his neighbors and making a big scene. We tried to calm him down but he was high as a kite and started fighting with us. after wrestling with this guy for about a half hour Jason takes out a hand held taser and teased him. I cuff him and throw him in the back my car and shake my head. "I thought I told ya'll no tasers?" I asked Jason. " Hey it's a hand held one Andy come on." He said as I gave him and look. " I swear if you tase me, or your self, or any animals or what ever I swear!" I yelled at him and he replied "ok ok Andy geeze." That boy is gonna give me a stroke.

Around lunch me and Jason went to lunch. I'm was so hungry my belly button is sticking out of my ass hole. We stopped by Merlotte's and visited Holly. Jason and I ate but we couldn't stay long had another call to get to so I paid our check and kissed holly bye.

This time it was Kenya we meet up with. Some idiot she was chasing ran into the barn. He had stole some stuff from the local pharmacy and She told me no way she was chasing him. Jason went in first and I followed. We looked all over and thought he might have ran out but Jason herd noise in the beams. We slowly walk on the beams towards the hay stake. Suddenly the teen bolts out and past me. I lose my balance and fall. I Caught my self on a beam. I'm hangin' in there like loose teeth. while Jason Runs after this little shit. Kenya just stared at me and shook her head. "well don't run to fast to help me." I said grunting trying to hold on the beam. the weight of my belt and vest dragged me down so I fell hard on my back. Laying in the hay I cursed them under my breath. I'm getting to old for this shit. Jason caught the teen finally and I wont lie he got a knot on his head from getting in to the car. I think he tripped or my foot just had a spasm.

Well I made it back to back to the station and it was almost five so I left early. My back is killing me.

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