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Deputy bites Driver Really?

Kenya Jones
Kenya Jones

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Sexual Deputy bites Driver Really?

Post by Kenya Jones on Thu Mar 29, 2012 1:11 pm

Our K-9 officer was out since his wife had their first child. Since I have Mercy and had taken the class at the academy I was chosen to ride out with Wulf the K9. I was given the Hungarian trigger words Wulf was trained with. Wulf is a unusually patient dog, hard to get excited. Well I pulled over a suspected DUI, I had the windows down in the cruiser and latched the cage door just in case. I had the suspect step out of his vehicle and was asking him questions, he became enraged when I asked how many drinks had he had tonight. He told me women don't know their place, he screamed women had no place in law enforcement and punched me in the chest. I told him I was placing him under arrest and starting reading him his Miranda Rights, the man was so drunk he was slurring his words, when I asked him if he understood his rights, he slurred out I don't give a hairy crap about it. This got Wulf excited he popped the cage door and bit the man on his ass. I looked at Wulf and told him kap a ketrecben which is hungarian for get in your cage. He hurried back into the cruiser. I called for a ride for the dui suspect who assaulted me. Kevin picked the suspect up, which I followed them into the jail. Kevin was getting the man out of his cruiser, and the man is screaming, I tell ya I did hit her in the tit but she bit me on the ass! Kevin looked over at me I bit back a smile and pointed towards Wulf, I looked at the trigger words and bite in hungarian is harap and I guess Wulf thought the mans slurry hairy crap was the trigger. Like I would bite any mans ass.

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