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A Puddle of Paperwork

Kenya Jones
Kenya Jones

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Sexual A Puddle of Paperwork

Post by Kenya Jones on Tue Aug 14, 2012 11:37 am

-Staring at the utilitarian clock on the wall releasing a dejected sigh, knowing at any minute Sheriff Andy Bellefleur and Deputy Jason Stackhouse will be coming in all Gung Ho ready to rush headlong into more paperwork redacting and corrections for me. I finally finished clearing most of yesterdays fiascoes. Jason's weed bust was a gnat's hair from a illegal seizure of a vehicle over a controlled substance, I reworked the the impound report to make it look like the stoner didn't clean his ashtray leaving roaches and residue thus creating probable cause. Their call to a loud noise complaint led to an arrest , in which Jason tasered the arrestee for resisting arrest, after a cursory glance, the man was supposed to be on anti-psychotics and was off his meds, I did the paperwork for him to have him transferred to a psych unit to be re-medicated while awaiting trial.

Pushing back the chair, coming to my feet heading into the ladies restroom for a few quiet moments with me and the big Boss, Jesus Christ.-

Lord, grant me the tolerance to deal with the rampant stupidity that abounds around here, hold my tongue so I do not mortally wound the offenders. Give me perspective and insight on the thought process of others. Keep my thoughts humble and help me with the sin of pride. I am but a servant to you Glorious Lord and the people of this Parish, help me understand how to do the greater good and not bask in my accomplishments. Amen.

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