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12 Pound Balls of Crap

Kenya Jones
Kenya Jones

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Sexual 12 Pound Balls of Crap

Post by Kenya Jones on Fri Aug 17, 2012 6:46 pm

-Two hours and twenty five minutes after my shift ended, I put the finishing touches on the budget for the following year. All it needs is Andy's signature and turned over to the Dept of Finance. We need new equipment, another support staff member who knows how to use the computer other than to watch you tube and facebook. I know Rosie will be here forever unless she lands a man. Her uncle is a judge and the whole family works somewhere in the parish. Nepotism at it's finest. I asked for another officer, but they have turned that down in the budget since I came here. Guess Sheriff Bellefleur will have to go to bat for it with the parish commissioners.

Clearing off my desk locking my drawers, grabbing my car keys. This place is a ghost town, Andy took off with that Holly. Since he has met her he's evened out and seems to be progressing forward from dark place he's been in for the last couple years. I don't have any hatred for her or anyone in this parish, I just wish they would get their head out of the devils backside, step up their game, and get right with the lord of their choice. If you lack spirituality you invite the devil into your world. Stretching, as I turn off lights and lock all the doors that should be secured.

Do I set the bar too high for people to meet my expectations? The Corps taught me Honor, Courage and Commitment. I try to show that to everyone I come across, you lead by example, maybe I come off stuck up and snobby. I have 2,712 people counting on me everyday to bring my A game. I cannot slip or go around half assed. I am the person who keeps the line when no one else does. Some days I feel like I am the lowest man at the circus who cleans up after the elephants. One ball of elephant feces weighs 12 lbs and they can produce up to 200 lbs a day. Grabbing my backpack, I lock the door behind me for a few hours sleep and come back to scoop more elephant crap.-

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