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Yea Orange! Yea White! Yea LongHorns Fight! Fight! Fight!

Kenya Jones
Kenya Jones

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Sexual Yea Orange! Yea White! Yea LongHorns Fight! Fight! Fight!

Post by Kenya Jones on Tue Aug 21, 2012 2:20 pm

-Putting on the finishing touches on my DUI packet for the Renard Parish DA office. The possession of stolen vehicle was icing on the cake. Stopping the subject for running a stale yellow/red light. There were no odor of alcohol or appearance of intoxication on the subject. There was a slight slurring of speech and admitting to a couple of beers. I saw a University Of Texas cap sitting on the seat next to him in the truck it was burnt orange and marked with UT asking him if he was a alumni? He admitted to being a Texas Ex. I remarked to him about how the Fringe pre game show is one of the best out there and the "T" with the players taking the field with Texas Fight is one of the better entrances in college ball. The subject appeared not had any idea what I was talking about. This made me think he was under the influence and had to evaluate him. The Horns have taken to the field to Texas Fight for thirty plus years. I ran the vehicle and found it was stolen from Tyler. What was icing on the cake was the CD he was listening to when I pulled him over. I slide the paperwork in a interoffice manila folder marked with the assistant da name. I throw it in the out box on Rosie's desk walking towards the locker room to grab my backpack to meet India at Merlotte's for dinner, she said she has something to discuss with me. Flicking the switches to off and lock the door.-

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