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Love Thy Neighbor

Kenya Jones
Kenya Jones

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Sexual Love Thy Neighbor

Post by Kenya Jones on Sun Sep 02, 2012 4:50 pm

*Throwing some orange rolls in the oven, the house is covered with the smell of cinnamon and oranges. It brings back memories of Sunday mornings at Big Mama's house. She always had some kind of sweet with her chicory coffee before church saying that the sermon goes down better with something sweet in the belly. I miss that woman, she was a role model for me. She loved her Lord, her family and the rest of the world in that order. She baked for others mostly for the homeless shelter. Oh that woman could make a pound cake that would bring tears to the eyes of anyone. She was my earthbound angel. Wonder what she would think of Pastor Barron and the congregation of The Everlasting Church on the Rock Jesus Saves, reactions to India and Marquita's dating. Big Mama I would love to say, would come down on the family side saying she didn't change. I walk into India's room trying to wake her for church. She threw her pillow mumbling that she would never set foot in that place ever again. I sighed pointing out that Marquita will be there alone with the wrath of her family and the whole congregation weighing on her shoulders. She rolls over looking me straight in the eyes saying,*
"She needs to see them for what they are, hypocritical people who cannot see what is real without a bible and someone telling them what to think."
*I see then that India is just as stubborn as they are, won't give an inch. Cannot see the forest for the trees. I am truly conflicted, I have begged, prayed asking for guidance, but not hearing anything. I walk back into the kitchen pulling the orange rolls out of the oven sitting them on a tile on the top of the stove, to let them cool a bit before I can dig in. I head into my bedroom to change into my Black Crepe Dress with the white trim. Pulling on some black hose, and sliding my feet into a pair of black pumps. Swapping my service revolver into a small clutch with my lipstick, wallet, badge and phone. Looking into the mirror on the dresser, picking up the brush, brushing my hair picking up a ornate clip, sliding it on the length in the back to hold my hair away from my face. Placing a bit of lipstick on my lips and pinching some color into my cheeks. Sliding a eye shadow on my lids and throwing on some mascara, nodding at the reflection as a vast improvement.
Grabbing a plate, cup and saucer out of the cabinet, to pour me some good rich coffee and taking the server and wedging out a orange roll onto the plate, opening a drawer to pull out a fork, carrying this to the table sitting down to dig into the sweet sticky orange roll, picking up the cup placing it to my lips the bittersweet black coffee compliments the orange roll. Finishing up I slide the used dishes into the sink, which I will wash later. Grabbing my purse heading out the door to church.*

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