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Saved By The Sound of Gunshots

Kenya Jones
Kenya Jones

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Sexual Saved By The Sound of Gunshots

Post by Kenya Jones on Mon Sep 03, 2012 8:08 pm

*Sliding into the back pew of the church as quietly and small as I could muster. I didn't want to draw attention to myself so I creeped in after the sermon started. No heads turned things seem to be going smoothly. Suddenly my phone starts to vibrate and the sound of gunfire erupts making everyone look back as I vacate the pew running out of the sanctuary hurrying to answer the phone.*


*Hearing that grating voice say my name,* "Kenya it's Sheriff Bellefleur, I have a problem."

*Counting to ten 1 Jesus help me 2 Jesus help me 3 Jesus help me 4 Jesus help me not kill him 5 Jesus help me 6 Jesus I really think that the devil is guiding me 7 Jesus help me 8 Jesus help me 9 Jesus please give me the patience not the strength cuz I will kill him 10 Jesus help me sighing* "What can I help you with Sheriff?"

*Hearing the babies crying in the background hoping that he doesn't want me to babysit again* " Kenya you know that Swat course I signed up for that is a couple weeks long, well I can't make it cuz of the babies, and I can't send Stackhouse because he's allready Rambo and training him would make it much worse. Would you go in my stead and make Renard Parish look like it knows what is going on."

*Letting go my breath slowly realizing it is not me going to take care of the babies.* "Yeah I can go to the course in Baton Rouge if you need me to."

*I hear him letting go of his breath in relief,* "Great Kenya I am glad you can make it, can you swing by the office and submit the paper work transferring your name on it, you have to be there by tomorrow."

*Shaking my head knowing this was going to happen, trying to paste a smile on my voice,* "Okay Sheriff and I am taking my cruiser and the credit card to pay for my room and meals, make sure the financial committee knows and approves, see you in a couple weeks"
*Hanging up the phone, sliding it back in my purse saying,* "Thank You Jesus!" *Heading towards my vehicle to head home to pack and get away from this parish for a while.*

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