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Secret indulgence

Kiara Griffen
Kiara Griffen

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Sexual Secret indulgence

Post by Kiara Griffen on Sat Mar 31, 2012 1:49 pm

*Kiara had to admit that living with Bill definitely had its perks. He lived in luxury, and it was a kind of old luxury. There was technology, but definitely surrounded by antiques. Perhaps it had to do with the fact he was born in a different time and liked to surround himself with things that reminded him of home. However she was irritated by one thing; the food. She wasn't used to fancy cooking 24/7. It was nice at first, pleasant second, but now it was just boring. Currently around 4pm, and Bill still fast asleep Kiara donned on some cut off jean shorts and a long blue t-shirt and sneaked out of the bedroom. She headed down to the main floor. Security was much tighter during the day, but she had slowly gotten to know the personnel. One person in particular she was getting real friendly with. A guard named Chris. He was in his mid thirties, tall, broad, built like a football player. With sandy blonde hair and soft eyes he had the look of a gentle giant, but Kiara knew he could break medieval at a moments notice. Chris greeted her with two bags of fast food. She'd asked him the night before that before he came to his day shift, if he could pick up some food for her, fast food, greasy stuff that was all around delicious and unhealthy*

"Chris you're a godsend" *she said, running up to him, the smell of the food already making her mouth water. He chuckled*
"Hey, I got no problem picking up burgers and fries for a pretty lady" *he teased as he handed her the bags. She sat down in the currently empty parlor while Chris stood nearby. No one knew that Chris also happened to be a were. One of a very rare breed; a were-bear. It was why Kiara was so friendly with him. There was a mutual respect, but also a mutual knowledge of what each other could do and needed. Kiara opened one bag and inhaled a large curly fry. Chris laughed*
"If I didn't know better, I'd say the king was starving you girl... slow down or you'll choke" *he said. Kiara grinned* "Hey... you can only eat so many crepes before you crave fries and a greasy burger" *she said as she sipped some soda before unwrapping one of her 4 double cheese burgers.*

"How's the wife Chris? She still trying to paint that room?" *she asked. Chris nodded* "Yeah... but I won't yield. I love her to death, but I will not have a powder blue office.. no sir" *he said with a grin. Kiara ate for a bit before shaking her head* "Be careful Chris.. otherwise you'll find yourself in the dog house..." *she teased. Chris smirked* "Girl I don't fit in a dog house... she has no choice but to keep me in bed" *he said with an eyebrow wiggle. She laughed, chatting away with Chris while filling her stomach with food. She knew she'd later have to shower since Bill was not too fond of the smell of food, but what the heck, for now she was finding bliss at the bottom of a fast food bag*

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