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DAMMIT, I'm Dead!

Russell Edgington
Russell Edgington

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Sexual DAMMIT, I'm Dead!

Post by Russell Edgington on Tue Sep 04, 2012 9:50 am

*So many thoughts had flown through my Fae induced high, the once great void was filled and it felt glorious indeed. I'd have the day after all! I'd thought of how I'd rule the world, drain half of it dry and dispose of those lesser, not acceptable for true immortality. Once I drained the Fae, I'd be off to kill Northman, his precious sister Nora, and his whore of a progeny Pamela. I'd be able to drag all my enemies out into the sun to watch them sizzle and fry. Laughing with joy over the thought of pulling Salome's spine and head from her body and draining Compton and the rest dry; I'd never heard him coming up behind me, it truly took a moment to grasp the situation that Northman would be the one to give me the true death. I knew he still held a grudge for his family ~ bastard, should have killed him when I'd had the chance! So goes life….*

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