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Red Stick Prepared to be Beaten

Kenya Jones
Kenya Jones

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Sexual Red Stick Prepared to be Beaten

Post by Kenya Jones on Tue Sep 04, 2012 1:01 pm

*My bags are packed, wearing a BDU pants with a black t-shirt that says DEPUTY on the back in yellow lettering. Standing in India's doorway looking in on her on the laptop surfing the internet. I tap lightly on the jam to get her attention.*

"Girl I am off to Baton Rouge for the SWAT training, please please be good while I am gone. DO NOT cause any drama with Pastor Barron and the congregation while I am gone. They will come down on me and Marquita not you Shug. I can deal but I don't think she can, so think before you speak for her sake."

*India looks at me saying,* "I got this you don't have to worry and I will steer clear of the church people and Marquita's Dad. Go on and enjoy yourself I know this up your alley. Don't worry about me and this shit hole Parish. You carry too much on your shoulders Kenya. Let loose and be free."

*Looking at her wondering how she can act like a spoiled 8 year old one minute and then act like Big Mama. Shaking my head saying,*

"Yes Big Mama, I will let loose and act like I haven't had any responsibilities. You can have Marquita over and please keep the house up and stay out of my bedroom. I don't want to come back to a disaster, you hear?"

*She looks up from the laptop laughing,* "I am more of a neat freak than you, so no worries there."

*Nodding she is the cleanest person I know, but I wanted it to be said, sometimes I hate being the parent, she is a capable adult but she has her moments.*

"Well I am gone I am leaving my car and keys no speeding and joyriding. I will call from time to time, to let you know I am alive and to check on you to see if you still are. You know I love you?"

*India looks up again with a tender smile on her face,* " Go on and get, things will be fine here, just worry about you for once. Kenya I know you love me and know I love you, you are my rock."

*Blinking rapidly smiling at her waving as I grab my bags and head out to the cruiser and hit the highway to Baton Rouge.*

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