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After Church

Kenya Jones
Kenya Jones

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Sexual After Church

Post by Kenya Jones on Sun Apr 01, 2012 10:50 am

*I stopped by the station to grab my handcuffs since one of the other deputies didn't have 2 sets and borrowed my second set. I always carry a gun and a pair of handcuffs on me where ever I am. Even in God's house I am packing heat. Michka Johnstone attended church today and I hope the lord bless this man with a woman who can love him. I told him he was a wonderful man and would make a good friend for me, but not a husband, lover and life mate. I asked the good Lord for guidance if he was the right person for me not Kevin. Jesus told me what does your heart say? Kevin is the reason I get up and get dressed everyday go to work and make this town safe for people like him. He is my everything. Brother Thomas said it best we do what we can for others but we hold the Lord and our Family up above all others. Kevin is my family. I throw my spare cuffs in my clutch and head out the door.*

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