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What lay ahead

Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry
Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry

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Sexual What lay ahead

Post by Jessica Hamby-Fortenberry on Wed Sep 19, 2012 12:44 pm

I sat on the edge of the bank looking up at the stars, thinking about the past few weeks and wondering what my life, my vampire life, would hold for me. Would there be a reconnection with Jason? Would I be doomed to be alone forever? Was human/vampire relationships fated to never work? So many questions wielding in my brain. Would I ever be good enough? Would I one day be a maker?

I threw the rock as it skidded across the water, remembering when I'd taught Eden how to skip rocks on water. I missed having a little sister, hell I missed having friends. Tara and I were getting along, but she was spending a lot of time with Pam. I was glad to see them both happy, but it made me remember how sucky my love life was. Sure I'd talked to Jason over the phone and it sounded like it was going well...but who knew anymore. I just wish there was an answer that would appear so I'd know. As I let my feet dangle in the cool water of the pond I sighed and wished I knew what lay ahead.

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