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Needing peace of mind

Claude Crane
Claude Crane

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Sexual Needing peace of mind

Post by Claude Crane on Sun Sep 23, 2012 10:15 am

Seeing Eric kill Russell was an extremely, wow, I can't even describe the feeling I had when it happened. It was a huge relief to see and I could feel everyone calm down a bit afterwards. Things have been a little slow since that night and we have all been pretty quiet and just going about our business as usual. I haven't seen Sookie in a few days and I was starting to worry about her. I found Claudette in the backroom behind the stage and told her I was going out to see how Sookie was doing and she nodded and went back to getting the next dancer ready for the show. I slipped out of the portal and into the big open field and started walking towards Sookie's house. I was scared and worried as I walked down the abandoned gravel road hoping I would find her in good health. I approached her house, but didn't sense anyone around. I knocked on her front door and waited, but with no reply. I turned the knob and to my amazement the door opened. I walked in and yelled for Sookie, but still sensing nothing. I didn't like the feeling I was getting with her not here. I searched through the house looking for any sign as to where she might be, but came up empty handed. I decided to try Merlotte's, so I made my way to the bar. When I arrived there, I walked into the door and no one was around. I noticed the time here and it was still a little early for customers, so I headed back to Sookie's and decided to wait for her. I sat on the porch swing and let myself drift off as I tried to fill my head with thoughts of her safety and happiness.

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