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Figuring Out The Past and The Future...

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual Figuring Out The Past and The Future...

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Fri Sep 28, 2012 3:27 am

*Lafayette sat on his couch trying to drain his mind of the nightly rumble of Merlotte’s. He wouldn’t change his job in the world but dear lord was it starting to get to be a drama filled soap opera. He started to look up at the picture of Jesus and himself the night after they took V for the first time. He smiled, before his smiled left his face his body starts to shiver. He thought the visions were scary but it was still a fun moment to remember. Lafayette looked down at his watch noticing it was 12 noon. It was about time for his nap, laying down on the soft couch his head slowly hit the pillows Jesus once bought to liven up the place.*

*As hi fell asleep his mind started to wonder around the idea of Jesus and his V experience. His mind was filled with me moment of what they both saw together. The moment he learned that Jesus was a witch. Lafayette rolled over before his mind shifted as if he was in that moment all over again. Jesus was sitting next to him, He was starting to put the drop on his tongue just like he did right after Lafayette took his. Lafayette started too look around seeing everything he saw once more. Jesus started to laugh which made him jump for a second. Lafayette knew that this wasn’t real he knew he was in a dream that he could not escape. Jesus looked to Lafayette trying to figure out what was going on with him. He smiled at Jesus for a moment before standing. The V was starting to take affect like they did in the past. Him and Jesus were sent on a wild spin through hell. Lafayette held on for the ride in this dream, he wanted it over. But he knew he wouldn’t be over until it was over.*
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*Shaking his head awake he rubbed his hand on his forehead it was covered in sweat. His dream was so real it still felt like as if he was coming down off the V high. He didn’t know what to do. He felt alone. He felt no one was around to talk to anymore. Tara was gone Jesus was gone. Sookie is to damn busy for anyone. He felt alone and small sometimes. Dreams and thoughts about Jesus really sent him over the edge. There was no one around to talk to when he was in pain. So the pain he is has been feeling makes his mind feel weak. No matter how many fairy babies are born or how many times Jesus comes to see him to say a few kind words. He needed to find someone to keep in company someone to talk to and make him feel not alone. He knew at some point the needed to move on but keep Jesus close to him. No matter what Jesus was a part of him he was never letting go of that. He loved that man, but he also knew he has to move on to keep himself sane. He just hopped that Jesus would understand and not hate him for ever for him even thinking this.*
Figuring Out The Past and The Future... Flameheart-x

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