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You really should give your Pet's a real name.

Kenya Jones
Kenya Jones

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Sexual You really should give your Pet's a real name.

Post by Kenya Jones on Sat Apr 07, 2012 2:35 pm

* I am sitting at my desk typing up a report from earlier. I responded to a caller who said an older woman was standing on her porch screaming Help, Come to me Help. The caller insisted this woman didn't appear to be injured but needed assistance of some sort. I pull up to the residence of Hattie Banks who is 86 years old. She seemed to be in good health, not suffering from a memory lapse. I questioned her why are you standing on your porch yelling for help if you are fine, I told her there are agencies she can call if she needed someone besides the police. Mrs. Banks laughed and said Oh Baby my kitten is named Help. Help the kitten was a indoor cat and escaped the house and was hiding in her garden. I advised Mrs. Banks to rename her kitten to something christian and not a assistance is needed word. She sent me on my way with a sweet potato pie and a kiss on the cheek.*

You really should give your Pet's a real name. 2FNbf

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