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The end of it

Eric Northman
Eric Northman

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Sexual The end of it

Post by Eric Northman on Mon Oct 22, 2012 5:27 pm

Eric groaned. His head felt heavy, like he was coming out of a faery blood induced hangover. He pushed himself up. When did he land on the floor? He noticed Pam was laying across his arm, also out cold. Rolling his head from side to side something caught his sight and he looked out of the corner of his eye without turning his head.

It was Freyda, queen of Oklahoma and a very old vampire. She was older than him by a century or two. She watched him attentively like she was awaiting for something more grand to happen. He looked with his eyes down and noticed some scattered jewels, then it hit him. He recalled the pouch, the discussion with Pam and then how she had been drawn to the large emerald and then collapsed in his arms. With a growled he pushed himself to his feet, grabbing some jewels and crushing them in his hands while stepping on the rest. The fact they shattered in his hands showed just how poor imitations they had been.

There was a blast of air that came from the jewels, making the bar shake again before Pam groaned and she began to wake. He glared at Freyda, promising very painful things against her if she didn't run now. He couldn't technically go after royalty, but she had in a sense attacked them first. The Queen ran off quickly, seeing that her plan had failed. Eric sighed, brushing the crystal dust off his hands before he helped Pam up so they could finish cleaning up this mess.

The end of it Avaxz

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