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Bullies Past

Lafayette Reynolds
Lafayette Reynolds

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Sexual Bullies Past

Post by Lafayette Reynolds on Tue Dec 18, 2012 12:11 pm

*Lala sat back on his couch watching a story on Date Line NBC something about a kid getting bullied so bad he came to school with a gun, just like Oklahoma but this time the kid got caught before he committed the act. Lala shook his head, that was a heart chilling thought to know that a kid was going to kill everyone in his school that was mean to him. She smiled a bit before tipping his head back.*

“Oh lord, just think me coming to school with a Osama bomb on my chest….”

*He laughed, before he finished the first chuckle he stopped. His face went cold for a long time as his mind started to think back to high school.*

*In High school Lala was gay, shit Lala was gay from the womb. Although in high school he had to hide who he was, the redneck hillbillies didn’t care to kindly to gay people. Let along a “nigger” that is gay too. One day in his freshman year he was walking down the hallway to his fourth period class like he normally did, but one day a group of boys were standing on the wide staircase waiting for him to come down the steps. Before Lala could turn around to run the other way, the largest of the three pulled Lala back to the staircase. The bullies looked down at him starting to laugh at him, calling him a “Fag” or even a “Queer.”*

Lala- “Let me fucking GO!!!” *Lala screamed, the largest of the boys put his monkey hands on his face making his screams not be heard.*

Boy One- “So I hear the local nigger loves himself some ass?”

*Lala knew at that point was going to be the time for him to either get beat up or even really hurt.*

Lala- “Let me fucking go mother fuckers!!! I am not gay I am just a fucking NIGGER let me fucking GOOO!”

*Lala started to scream louder as the largest boy started to hit Lala on the stomach.*

Boy One- “This is for being a nigger.” *The boy hit him once more.* “This is for being a fucking fag.”

*Lala fell to the floor, his body dropping down the stairs to the landing before the next set of stairs. The group of boys ran down the steps, making a curricle around his body. Lala laid tightly up in a ball as the boys started to kick him all over his body.*

Boy One- “This is for anything else you are bitch.” *Before the boys stopped they all spit in Lala’s limp body. The tears on Lala’s face rolled down as Niagara falls, the boys were gone before FINALLY a teacher hearing the noise from her classroom came out to see what was going on. She ran down seeing a boy on the landing bleeding on the newly waxed floor, making her way to Lala she calls for the prince able and a nurse.*

*Lala snapped out of his memory, he shuttered at the thought. He was glad them days were over. The Lala today was thanks to them, a bitch black man. He smiled knowing it was all true. Shit even his cousin Tara was the same way, she became hard from her life. It was in our blood to be fucked up In the head, he laughed hard this time before changing the channel to get his mind off the bullies of his past.*

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