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Routine Stop or Not?

Kenya Jones
Kenya Jones

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Sexual Routine Stop or Not?

Post by Kenya Jones on Fri Apr 13, 2012 5:55 pm

*I sit down finally after clearing up the mess from the stop and subsequent arrest of Bobby Scott Morrell. Mr. Morrell was driving erratically down the Hwy outside of Bon Temps. I pulled in behind him and flipped on the lights he pulled over onto the shoulder. When I approached the car I could smell the overpowering scent of marijuana has been used recently in the subjects vehicle. I have Mr Morrell step out of the car and ask for his license and insurance. He fumbled alot with his pants pulling out his wallet, he hands them over. I ask him to stand at the back of his vehicle while I called in his information, I also requested male backup because I will have to search his vehicle and possibly his person.
Stackhouse pulls up behind my cruiser walks around the passenger side and crawls in, as I wait for Rosie to come back with NCIC wants and warrant information. Jason asks me what's up. I explain that Mr. Morrell seems to be under the influence of marijuana by the dilation of his pupils and smell of his clothing and vehicle. I tell Stackhouse that he will have to search Mr. Morrell while I search his vehicle. Stackhouse is excited at his first possible drug bust. Rosie calls back that Mr. Morrell record is clear of wants and warrants.

Stackhouse and I exit the car at the same time walking towards Mr. Morrell. I explain that I smelled and observed signs of drug use and will have to search his vehicle and Deputy Stackhouse will search your person. Mr Morrell at this point becomes anxious and evasive at our questioning. I have Stackhouse read him his rights and cuff him as I search the vehicle in the map pocket I find a sandwich size freezer bag of a dried dark green leafy substance.

I tell Stackhouse to pat him down to check for weapons and we will do a better search at the station. Jason pats him down and feels a suspicious lump at the top of his inside leg. Stackhouse turns around and tells me there's no weapons but he's got some serious junk behind the barn door. I shake my head and tell him to empty his pockets and I will inventory everything at the station.

Stackhouse and I wait for the tow truck to impound his vehicle before we head back to the station. Mr. Morrell is complaining about needing to relieve himself. I told him he will have to wait until after the strip search at the station. This did not please him. I follow Stackhouse to the station and begin to the process of booking and inventorying the evidence and Mr. Morrell's belongings. Jason took Mr. Morrell into a cell to strip search him and comes out a few minutes later with urine streaks on his pants saying Mr. Morrell had 89 bags of suspected rock cocaine attached to his member. Stackhouses' comment was much more coarse. He said Morrell kept saying the stuff wasn't his, Stackhouse told him if its taped to your junk its yours studly. After that pronouncement Mr Morrell relieved himself on Stackhouses uniform pants.

I sigh and finish entering the report in the system. I promised Stackhouse I will pay for the dry cleaning of his uniform. I am still chuckling at Stackhouse's announcement he just up and pissed on me like I was on fire. I turn off my monitor reach into my desk drawer grabbing my purse and head towards the house.*

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