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The new Boo Revue

Rikki Mercer
Rikki Mercer

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Sexual The new Boo Revue

Post by Rikki Mercer on Tue Dec 18, 2012 7:26 pm

*she was dressed and getting ready to leave when a knock sounded at the door. Thinking it could be Alcide and that he had lost his key, she ran to the door and pulled it open, disappointment showing on her face. She saw the concierge standing there, a smile on his face, as he spoke*

Miss Mercer? I have a delivery for you, and was asked to give you this envelope and let you know that the honor of your presence is requested at the show tonight.

*bowing to her, setting the flowers on the table, he turned and left. She opened the envelope, seeing tickets to the Saints and Sinners Male Revue. Looking at the front of the envelope, making sure it was the right person who received them, seeing her name written on it. She shook her head, laying the tickets down, heading downstairs to grab something to eat, then back to the search for her wolf.*

*Making her way back into the room, after having been out all day looking, she realized if she didn't hurry, she would be late for the revue. She wasn't sure why her presence was requested there, but she would go and find out. Hopping in the shower, she dressed quickly, grabbed the tickets and took off out the door, and down the strip to the show. Walking in, she handed her ticket to the male as the door, and looked puzzled as he smiled broadly and led her to a table in the very front right of the stage. Looking at him she whispered*

Are you sure this is where I am supposed to be?

*seeing him nod, she took the chair he pulled out, and answered with "rum and coke" when he asked what she would like to have to drink. Watching as he walked away, she looked around the room, and wondered what she was doing here, when she should be looking for Alcide*

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Alcide Herveaux
Alcide Herveaux

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Sexual Re: The new Boo Revue

Post by Alcide Herveaux on Tue Dec 18, 2012 7:26 pm

*Standing there in a raincoat with fake cuffs and collar and tearaway pants. Richie's shoes are too small and the guys run through on the steps were fast and I hope I can keep up. The dances were fast with alot of swiveling of the hips. Tapping my foot in the leather soled shoes, making a soft sound. The music starts up swelling and Face pushes me onto the stage I land on my first mark. I look out not seeing where Rikki is the spot is too bright. As the dance progresses I made a couple of small mistakes but watching the Kid and following him I stay in time. Running off the stage to change into the next costume, the dreaded fireman's turn out gear with the rubber boots. Waiting my turn watching the guys primping and pumping up all their muscles shaking my head with incredulity.*

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