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You will rue the day!

Victor Madden
Victor Madden

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Sexual You will rue the day!

Post by Victor Madden on Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:11 pm

As Victor settled into his seat the smug look on his face could not be wiped. That sense of self satisfaction, of a job well done filled him. He’d showed those humans who he was, and that he was not to be messed with. He had not expected Quinn or Kiara to defy him as such but he would deal with them in due time, however with the bomb planted on that Stackhouse boy he’d ensured that Sookie would get the message.

As he motioned for the female donor to come to him all was well in Victor’s world. His maker was none the wiser of his activities, he was already heading back to Nevada and the party for Felipe’s casino opening had been spectacular. As he sank his fangs into the woman’s neck and drank her life blood he let his mind wonder. Soon he’d have that blonde Stackhouse to enjoy. It seemed his wolf appetizer was ruined now so he’d have to kill Miss Griffen. Quinn was also proving to be a thorn on his side, yet another to be executed, but all in due time. Everything was perfect for now, or so he thought as one of his lackeys approached him holding the in flight phone.

Victor pulled his fangs away from the woman. “This better be good if you dare interrupt my meal” he said. The servant nodded. “Yes sir… I have gotten word that the bomb you planted on the Stackhouse boy didn’t do its job sir, our spies tell us that John Quinn managed to intercept it” he said, his voice quivering in fear at the predicted rage of his master. Victor’s mood went from peaceful to rueful in two seconds flat. So angry he was that he snapped the girls’ neck in two. “What?!” he yelled as he stood. He took the phone and began speaking to the spy on the other side. Damn them all! Once again his plans had been ruined. Oh they will rue the day they thought to outsmart him. By the time he was through with them, they will be begging for mercy.

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