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What the?

Jason Stackhouse
Jason Stackhouse

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Sexual What the?

Post by Jason Stackhouse on Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:13 pm

Jason couldn't sleep, it was about midnight and he was nestled in his recliner throwing a base ball up and down in the air, catching it each time, with a late night bingo program on low volume in the background for some comfort. He was de-stressing after a long days work and found it hard to relax.. There was a knock at the door and Jason's head darted to look at it. "Who the hell...?" he whispered and glanced at the clock in the far corner of the room, wondering who would be calling this late at night. He breathed deeply and got up from his recliner to step over to the door. "Who is it?!" he yelled before the door, but there was no reply. He sighed in frustration and opened the door wide quickly and standing before him was her.. Jessica. He scowled and gave her a once over with a disgusted look then slammed the door shut.

"Jason, please! I just wanna talk.." Jessica said from behind the door.

He paced a little and had no idea what to do, a vampire at his door, which was his Ex too. "Fuck.." he said, and got to the floor to do a few press-ups to help him stop getting stressed.

"Jason, I swear I'm not gonna touch you, it's just.. it's real important.. please.." she said again.

He looked towards the door and growled to himself before walking back over to it and opening it. "What do ya want." he said in an unwelcome tone.

She gave him a wanting look "I just need to talk..to you.." she replied.
"Why? what more do you have to say? Haven't I made myself clear?"
She just stared at him, not wanting to move. And he rolled his eyes looking to the side, opening the door a little more grudgingly "fine." and stepped aside.

As Jessica stepped past the threshold she smiled a little, Jason closed the door behind her and rushed over to the other side of the room, crossing his arms "What?!".

Jessica vamp sped over, and Jason flinched a little in surprise, she was only feet away from him now, and he looked at her, tired and shattered but more tired of Jessica alone. "I miss you.." she said quietly.
"I sure don't miss you." he said back in the same tone. He looked into her eyes and he looked into his for a moment. She seemed hurt. But Jason wasn't having any of it. "What do you want Jessica just say what you wanna say then leave, please." he sighed.

Jessica closed the space between them and strangely Jason didn't move away, he stood his ground. Jessica leaned forward towards him, slowly, and locked her lip with his. Jason couldn't believe what was happening, he hated her!
He had to think fast, was she going to drain him? He thought.. He had a stake behind him on the shelf and reached back to grab it, and with one big stab, he staked Jessica right in the chest. Her eyes sparkled a little and he saw blood begin to well up in her eyes "Jason.." she whispered, then her entire body just vanished, and became a pile of blood, dark red blood on his lounge carpet...

Then Jason's eyes flew wide open with a big gasp, he couldn't stop breathing heavily from the shock of he'd just dreamt. "Whoa.." he said breathlessly, rubbing his eyes with a shake of his head "That was fucked up."

What the? JasonGif12

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