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Sticky Fingers Rosie?

Kenya Jones
Kenya Jones

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Sexual Sticky Fingers Rosie?

Post by Kenya Jones on Wed Dec 19, 2012 1:18 pm

*The local electronics store calls in to report a shipment of 6 Ipads went missing out of their storage cage thinking it's employee theft, taking the extensive report getting the necessary documents from the owner. I head back to the office to do a little sleuthing, reading up on the Ipad finding out that it's memory is set up in such a way that if you track history you can find out who has it. So entering all the serial numbers waiting on the results.

Heading out to Merlotte's to pick up lunch since Rosie won't. I swear if half her family wasn't powerful in Renard Parish her job description would entail her saying, "do you want fries with that?" How she made it to adulthood amazes me sometimes.

Sitting down at my desk with some italian sausage and peppers done cajun.
Hearing a notification tone on my phone that I have a email I open it to see the tracking on one of Ipads showing it used on a IP address running a who is on the IP address it shows it's the Renard Parish Sheriff's Office. I get up walking around looking around for a Ipad. There's one in a holder on Rosie's desk. Picking it up taking off the cover looking for a serial number. There wasn't one so taking it over to my desk looking on the website how to pull up the serial number touching the one button pressing "buttons" on the screen to pull up the list with all the settings. Looking at the list of the serial numbers of course this one matches it. Our administrative assistant is in possession of stolen merchandise.

Calling the owner asking for a list of employees seeing of there is someone working there that could be traced to why Rosie has a stolen Ipad. He runs down the list of employees, the only name that stands out is Guillaume Thibodaux which is Rosie's cousin, who's father is the Parish Commissioner. I thank the owner for this continued patience and help with this matter. My next call is to Andy Bellefleur. Telling him what is going on, after a small meltdown, several curses that would strike down sinners and a huge sigh he said to call Commissioner Thibodaux tell him what is going down. He will get the merchandise back or we will track down and arrest everyone with one in their possession. Telling him I would pass this on, hanging up.

Rosie comes back to her desk and lets loose with a shrill scream that I know dogs in Alaska heard. She goes all jerry springer guest mad screaming and yelling,*

Everyone in this parish are thieves and liars.

*I walk over calmly asking,* Rosie what in the wide wide world of sports would make you lose your decorum and religion in one fell swoop?

*Rosie turns looking at me with that face I only see on politicians and serial killers, saying she went to "powder her nose" and she made the air quotes. Looking up towards heaven silently sending a prayer for patience because Rosie has ran me out of mine and I will pistol whip some sense in the Renards parish idea of a barbie. She was only away from her desk for 10 minutes max. Shaking my head knowing she is away from her desk for about 45 minutes since she was texting her beau of the week in there. She goes on that someone took her brand new Ipad and she doesn't want to have to press charges but will if it doesn't show up.

Walking over picking up the Ipad on my desk waving it at her asking,*

Is the Ipad in question Rosie? Before you answer my question know that you will be admitting to a Class A Misdemeanor and up to 2 years in jail and a 10 thousand dollar fine.

*Her face drains of all it's color which I find amazing because she wears more makeup than a clown at Ringling Brothers. She starts stuttering it was a gift from a friend. Smiling at her saying,*

Really? I thought it would have been from your cousin Guillaume Thibodaux, who works at the store they were reported stolen from. I was about to call your Uncle the commissioner to round up the stolen property and to fix the situation. Or I could wait for all the other IP addresses to pop up in my e-mail where they are being used and round the lot of you and throw you in the back and lose the key. Now it would be in your best interest to get to your desk do your work not make another peep and for the love of Jesus do not tweet this, text anyone or add it as your facebook status, I will arrest you for interference with a police investigation.

*Watching her walk back to her desk like a whipped puppy. She picks up the phone to I am sure call her uncle or someone involved. I let loose a loud sound stopping this. She lays the phone back in the cradle. I pick up my phone calling the Commissioners office his secretary telling me he's out of his office, I tell her to text or call him telling him he is linked to a case I am working I need to hear from him ASAP. Her frosty tone was that she will get the message passed along. Saying what I did will make sure she puts back on her panties and tell him to call, it's known that he's carrying on with his secretary and has been for 15 years. Placing the phone back I get up getting a evidence bag for the Ipad filling out the necessary information. Sliding the Ipad in the bag sealing it up. Taking it to the evidence room locking it in the cage where we keep the guns and I add another lock that no one else has a key to since everyone here has a key to this locker.

Hearing the door open to see Tommy Johnson looking for me.*

Ummm Miss Kenya what do you want us to do today? Beau Angola was mean to Julie today and I told him that wasn't tolerated and if he doesn't stop with it, we will stop it.

*Smiling at Tommy glad that my fledgling program is working the boys come in and do anything asked with a yes ma'am or no ma'am. Today I was thinking about sending them over to the court and have the old Baliff Doc, teach the legal system and have them pick up around the court. Making a quick call to Doc and sent the boys over into his expert care. Looking at the clock it's almost 5 and the Commissioner hasn't called, so I call one last time getting voice mail I tell him I am putting Rosie under arrest and call the Parish Attorney and see if they want to give Rosie immunity for her testimony to put Guillaume in prison. Hanging up the phone smiling, this should be handled by Monday at the latest. I clear the rest of my desk off and head out.*

Sticky Fingers Rosie? 2FNbf

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