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Indy Rules

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Sexual Indy Rules

Post by Eric Northman on Wed Dec 19, 2012 3:17 pm


Thank you for showing interest in joining True Blood Devoted as an original character. We have a strict set of rules, only because we as admins must do what we feel is right and fair for the success of this group. We have over 700 fans and intend to keep every one of them. We are TB Devoted NOT True Blood Original Characters. So, you fill out an application telling us about your character and HOW they will fit into this True Blood world. The admins review this and decide if it makes sense and can work. If you are denied, we will give you tips on how your original can be fixed so that it does fit into the concept. You must be able to interact with someone in the TB world and not just "Oh I'm their ex lover or long lost cousin" Give it depth...we won't accept a first grade attempt at a character. We value our group for organization. Sometimes you just can't connect to any character in the books or the show, we get that...BUT we ask that if accepted and you join as your original character, if you like the group and how things work please consider taking on a true blood role. We still have open roles to fill. Once accepted by application, if you can accept to the Original charrie rules, and add True Blood Devoted, TBDevoted, TBD, Devoted, something like that in your alternate name to show on your profile...then Welcome Aboard!

If you are a TB character who is in a relationship with someone on the show...you are in that relationship with that person on the show. Period. If there is no one driving that person, the admins are working to get those roles filled, and you can help by posting on your wall you are looking for your mate to come home. If you are a TB character who is single on the show, you MUST IB ALL admins to ask permission to get into a relationship with an indy person in the group, or another single TB character. If admins approve, you must have a good storyline of how and why they get together. If the admins do not approve you will be given reasons as to why it wasn't . BUT If we approve you to be in a relationship with someone, then the new season starts and your character becomes involved with another person, you must end it some way in TBD.

If you are indy--all relationships must be approved if you want to start a relationship with a TB character. If you are indy and become involved with another indy char it must be a char IN TBD! You cannot be in TBD as an original char and date a person from another TB group, or RP group or another Indy who does not belong with TBD. If they do not belong within our group, and wish to remain in another group, or independant with no group then you must A) Get their group admins to approve it as well as TBD admins. Have a thought out sl of how to merge the two, and B) if they wish to remain groupless then you must have it approved by admins and your partner MUST agree to posting on our forum when posting with you, and putting the links on fan pages so fans can read. ANY questions, concerns, or comments about this....SEE AN ADMIN NOW!

True Blood Devoted Original Character Application

(1) Please include a link to your RL profile to verify your age (we do not allow any member under 18 years of age due to adult content)

(2) What is your characters origin? (we do not accept ‘unknown’ even if your character itself doesn’t know them. Surely their creator should.)

(3) How does your character blend in with the true blood crew? ( we don’t just accept random vampires, weres, witches, fae or human. They should have a logical story that allows them to interact with other characters)

(4) Does your character have any dark past that connects them to another character of true blood? (cannot be “oh I was Bill’s lover. Or I’m Alcide’s long lost child or anything along those lines.)

(5) Is your character a loner? Or social? (not that theres anything wrong with being alone, but should you chose to be a loner no admin wants to hear complains about having no one to post with)

(6) Are you willing to spend time developing your characters past? (posting scenes about their past, giving them depth)

(7) Are you basing your character off the show? Books? Or a mixture of both? (remember there are elements that are unique to both scenarios)

As fun as you think it is we do not accept hybrids. You cannot be a vampire human hybrid, a vampire were, vampire fae, or any mixture of vampire, were, fae, demon, shifter or human. Logically these do not exist in true blood. The only logical hybrid would be a were turned vampire and be warned. Should you chose to be one of those you will be rejected by vampires AND were’s alike so you’ll be setting yourself up for a lot of alone time.

(8) What are your characters weaknesses? (remember that no one here is immortal or omnipotent)

(9) What true blood character do you most identify yourself with?

(10) If you could pick one character from true blood to be your sentimental companion who would it be and why? (and answers such as “ I understand his pain” or “He’s hot and I want to fuck him” are not acceptable)

Please know that despite our group being a mixture of books and show if you’re only joining to be mated to a particular character (in other words you’re looking for cheap cyber sex) that we will reject your application.

(11) Are you willing to make posts about 5 complete sentences or more? And willing to put in detail/description and dialogue? (we are not one liners here)

(12) Do you rp or have you ever rped in any true blood roleplaying group? Or any roleplaying group in general? If so please list the groups you’ve played in and your position in them. Does the original you intend to bring into TBD rp in any other group on FB?

All applications are reviewed by ALL admins before a decision is made

Please know that we do not accept godmodding characters. Should any of the admins feel your character is TOO powerful we will let you know.

For vampires:
Please also know that should you play a vampire you cannot make yourself older than 4000 years, you cannot be any original 1st generation descendant from Lilith (meaning you being Lilith’s direct progeny) and as an original character you cannot be part of the vampire authority or vampire royalty unless a proper storyline is made once you’re in the group.

Note: You CANNOT be Russel's progeny (he only make one vampire, Talbot and they're both dead now)
You CANNOT be Bill's progeny, Godric's, Eric's, Pam's, Tara's, Jessica's, or any other progeny of the authority. The only maker in the authority was Rosalyn so you CAN be progeny of hers.

Please also state if you are a mainstreamer or sanguinista. Remember that mainstreamers are tolerant of human and avoid draining them at all costs. Sanguinistas believe humans to be nothing but food and kill them without discretion.

Please keep the number of progeny’s you have (ghosted or played by characters) to a limit of 2 for now.Please know that you cannot change any original true blood character (such as luna, sam, sookie, or any human, were or shifter) into a vampire. You cannot kill them either.

For weres:
Please limit yourself to wolves and panthers . If you want to be a were tiger we will need additional reasoning as to why you are a were tiger and why Quinn may or may not know about your existence.Please be aware that you must either integrate yourself into a pack (for wolves under Alcide) or justify why you are living alone.

If you want to make yourself a packmaster know that to be a packmaster you MUST live outside of shreveport. Alcide is the current packmaster of the Shreveport pack. To our knowledge there are no other packs in Louisiana. Should you move to Louisiana you MUST report to Alcide and you will not remain a packmaster the moment you're there.

Also know there are no were hybrids, you can't be a half panther, half wolf. To be a were two of the same weres must mate, there by removing the hybrids. You CAN have a shifter for a parent (think of Emma, daughter of Luna and Marcus) but two shifers cannot make a were, and you cannot be an animal that one of your parents isn't. Meaning even with one shifter parent you can't be a were panther and have a werewolf dad, or anything like that.

For Fae:
Please do not tie yourself to Sookie’s family line (she has enough fae relatives already) Please remember that as fae you live outside the human world.Your powers include telepathy, healing, teleportation, electric fingers (ie blasting people with light) not to mention you’re unnaturally beautiful.Please state if you’re a water, sky or earth fairy.

Water fae are naturally aggressive and believe that fae should never interact with humans.

Sky fae  are part of Sookie’s line and believe that mingling with humans is alright to an extent. They usually appear in the human world solely to procreate with humans. Telepathy is exclusive to sky fae.

Earth fae are the neutral group. Some are aggressive, some aren’t. Teleportation is exclusive to earth fae. Fae can only be killed by Iron and their blood is delicious to vampires. You CANNOT be a fairy and expect vampires to keep their cool around you.

Remember that you MUST run at the full moon. You can only shift into an animal you’ve seen. You have keener senses than a human but a were’s senses are still stronger than yours.  There is no such thing as a ‘pack’ of shifters. You may have friends, but shifters mingle well with humans.Shifters and vampires DO NOT MIX.

If you want to have the ability to shift into another human(skinwalk) you MUST explain how you got that ability. The only way to gain it is to have killed a family member (luna killed her mother giving birth, Mickey (sam's brother) killed his parents, but notice that Sam cannot skinwalk)

You can be a wiccan, brujo or medium if you want but remember that unless you can defend your case properly you do not possess a demon like Lafayette does.Vampires are not innately attracted to humans, they are mostly donors or food, not lovers.

(book exclusive breed)Demons are a special breed. They are VERY rare. Should you decide to be a demon we will need an extensive background of yourself, your origins, powers and how you fit into the true blood world.

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