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A southern gentleman

Sookie Stackhouse
Sookie Stackhouse

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Sexual A southern gentleman

Post by Sookie Stackhouse on Wed Dec 19, 2012 3:20 pm

<yawning before I take a sip of my sweet tea and pull a piece of fried chicken off the bone, pop it in my mouth and swallow it all down with another sip of tea>

Okay, so I do believe that the last time we talked I told you about my Gran, Adele Stackhouse, right? <taking another sip of sweet tea> Before my Gran died, I met who I now refer to as my Bill. Now, we aren't together anymore or anything like that; we've since moved on to bigger, better things. But you know how they always say you never forget your first? It's true, especially when your first is a vampire. In my case, my first love was William Thomas Compton; he was bon on December 26, 1835, and turned vampire in 1865 right after he had turned 30 human years old. He was changed against his will by a woman named Lorena. <rolling my eyes and scoffing> She is, or should I say was, more worthless than tits on a turtle. And by was, I mean I killed her. Yup! Sure did! I staked her right through her cold, dead, unbeating heart. She was torturing my Bill, allowing worthless weres like Debbie Pelt to feed on him while he lay dying. And she had the audacity to claim she loved him!? Please. She wouldn't know love if it kicked her in the fangs, which is exactly what I told her before I staked her and she turned to mush. But you know what? <taking another long, slow sip from my glass> I'd do it again, just for him, in a heartbeat. That's how much I love(loved) him.

Ya see, when I met Bill, I was still a virgin. Sure, I had a couple of stolen kisses, and wishes to finally lose my virginity to someone, but hwen you can see what a man is REALLY thinking about you even while saying something nice? That's a sure fire way to get turned off REAL quick and in a hurry. When you're kissing a man and he is thinking about how you could stand to lose a few pounds, or wondering how long he'll have to kiss you before he can find out if you are true blonde, it gets real old... real fast. But with Bill? Well, you can only imagine my surprise when I found out I couldn't hear a single thing he was thinking! It was like standing in a room filled with loud music, only to have it blissfully turned off in a second. I could touch his hand, and all was well. I think it may have something to do with the fact that he's dead, so his brainwaves don't send off little sparks that I can pic up. Every once in a while I can pick out something, but...<putting a finger to my lips and making a shushing sound while grinning>... not everyone needs to know that.

Bill and I ended up splitting a few months ago. <sighing as I put my glass down and stretch my arms and legs> I found out that he had lied to me about some things, kept secrets. He intentionally allowed me to get beaten almost to death before giving me some of his blood so I wouldn't die. This in turn caused us to have a blood bond; that blood bond intailed my dreaming of him nightly, knowing his emotions, him knowing my emotions. Once I found out about the blood bond and how it worked, I didn't know if I really loved him because he was an amazing man, or if I loved him because his blood bond was MAKING me love him. I was pretty upset, to say the least. But we worked things out. Now that we've gone our separate ways, I've realized that I did love him. A lot. If I hadn't, I wouldn't have given myself to him so freely. It doesn't change anything, really. But I still let him and Eric (another story ENTIRELY) go so I could have a normal, human life.

<laughing> Normal. Human. <rolling my eyes> That's something that I have yet to experience. I broke up with Eric and Bill, but eventually went back to Eric. I couldn't help myself, really. He is the love of my life now. But, we will get into that sometime later. <laughing again>

Bill and I split, but remain close friends to this day. It's hard not to be friends with him, or at least bump into him, especially when we live right across the cemetary from each other. Oh, and there is still that lingering blood bond thing. It gets confusing, sucks at times, but really I always feel safe. I probably shouldn't considering all the stuff he's gotten me into, but I do. <shrugging and laughing softly>

Bill has since moved on; he's dating (I think) and at least spending time with other females, so I can only hope that he'll remember me fondly, but continue on searching for his happily ever after. I'll always love him, he'll always be special. He was, after all, my first everything.

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