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Passing Storms...

Crystal Norris
Crystal Norris

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Sexual Passing Storms...

Post by Crystal Norris on Sun Dec 23, 2012 6:19 pm

Crystal pulled her uniform on and looked in the mirror...
Passing Storms... Crysta10
She was still wrapping her head around the last few days...that weird Jason that wasn't Jason...the strange things she saw at Sam's bar...all of it. It still had her head spinning but she needed to stop hiding and get inside. She was scheduled tonight. She just hoped that the REAL Jason would come in. Not to talk to her, oh god...not yet...but so she could see that he is ok....
At least this time she had been in her room, she had been given time to heal up. Th black eye finally faded, and that stupid cut on her arm finally sealed up...last thing she needed was to bleed with that damn fanger waitress around. She better not be messin 'round with Jason, or there'll be trouble.
She ran a brush through her hair again, deciding to leave it down. She was going to be waiting tables for the first time tonight. If she needed to, she could put it up later.
"OK, Chrys...time to stop stallin'. Don't need you bein' late the first time he lets you get tips, now do we..."
She took a deep breath and headed up to the Bar for her shift...

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