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Crystal Norris
Crystal Norris

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Sexual Temptation...

Post by Crystal Norris on Wed Jan 02, 2013 9:26 pm

Crystal watched as Jason drove in and went inside the house...she waited, biting her lip..the lights in the bedroom went on and she slipped up next to the windows...She watched as Jason walked into the bathroom, and saw the steam crawling out through the doorway. He walked back into the bedroom and began stripping his clothes off, letting them gather in a pile. She exhaled, realizing she had been holding her breath...god he still looked so good....She sighed. Maybe they could start over...maybe she could do things right this time...
Temptation... Tumblr10

She smiled, thinking of the future, and letting her mind wonder what might be. She slipped carefully away and headed back to her room at Sam's as Jason walked in to take his shower...

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