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So much for plans....

Kiara Griffen

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Sexual So much for plans....

Post by Kiara Griffen on Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:44 am

Kiara groaned. The taste in her mouth was hideous. Bill was busy checking on Jessica and ordering his guards around. She made her way to the kitchen and found some of the wine she’d been keeping there. Not bothering with a glass she uncorked the bottle and drank. The wine helped get rid of the nasty taste of blood and silver from her mouth, not to mention take the edge off the weakness she felt. It wasn’t until she was 1/3 way done with the bottle she noticed her hand was bleeding again. Jessica had really torn into her with gusto. With a sigh she set the bottle back and went to wash her hand. The cold water helped stop the bleeding before she wrapped a bandage on it. With her arm properly tended she headed back upstairs. She could hear Bill all angry on the phone so she didn’t bother to go to him.

The candles were out on the lounge, the vague reminder of what should have been a nice evening. With a defeated sigh she made her way up to the master bedroom. Sure enough, down the hall furthest from them were two guards outside a door. She walked into the master bedroom. Her clothes were all over a corner, where she’d been trying to pick out a nice look for Bill. All she had now was a bloodied blouse to show. She took off her blouse, looking at the cute, albeit burlesque looking bra she’d chosen. So much effort gone to waste. She took off her bra, let her hair loose and put on her usual tank top for sleeping. She lay on the bed, keeping her arm loose so the bite wounds wouldn’t open again. She reached for the remote control, turning on the large tv that emerged from some wooden panels on the wall. She figured Bill would be busy ordering people, probably plotting some deaths and arguing with Quinn so she instead flipped through some channels, finding a period movie with gladiators and warriors that would amuse her before she went to bed.

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