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Seeking Revenge

Bill Compton

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Sexual Seeking Revenge

Post by Bill Compton on Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:28 am

Bill had found himself restless this evening, his mind black as he felt a storm brewing inside him, his anger bubbling at the surface, his fists clenched together as his nails pierced the skin on the palms of his hands as he felt it instantly stitch back together again. He had been standing outside Jessica's suite knowing that she was under guard whilst she was under his roof. He had left a message for the were tiger and still had no response from him, wondering if he would get his message. At the moment he did not care for the tiger, the only thing that he cared for was his progeny who would be weak for several days and under his care until he sought fit that she was strong enough to leave. He had not ordered the capture of Jason Stackhouse as he wanted to be the one that sought him out and make him pay for what he had done to Jessica.

He would not stop until he had him begging for mercy, he knew that killing Jason would do him no favors for Sookie, but she was with Eric. He had his own to think about. He knew that Quinn would want his piece of revenge and he could have it, as long as he got his own and he would. He would savor each and every single moment of his revenge.

Bill could hear an irritating murmur come from his master bedroom, curious to see what it was he crossed the hallway to the door and peeped his head in and found that Kiara was muttering in her sleep, although Bill could not make sense of what she was saying. He would make sure that tomorrow that she was fully healed as he did not want to wake her. As it was close to sunset he could feel himself becoming weak, peeling himself of his clothes he climbed into the large king sized bed. As he settled himself comfortably, he felt Kiara shift as she sat up a little too look for him.

Bill did not need to say a word as she turned around to face him, to weak for anything else she rested her head on his broad chest, her arm draped across his waist as she nestled back into a deep sleep. He ran his fingers through her tousled hair and smiled. He would never be able to thank her for what she did, for saving Jessica. He relaxed further into the mattress and felt himself drift off into his rest.

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