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The Death Toll Starts At One

Bill Compton

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Sexual The Death Toll Starts At One

Post by Bill Compton on Fri May 03, 2013 1:43 pm

"Judith, leave a message"

Bill sighed heavily as he reached Judith's voice-mail again. He had waited until just before sun rise, as the bleeds had began to start, blood trickling from his ears. The occasional nose bleed would start before it steadied itself into a heavy flow. But now after a night of not hearing from Judith. He began to worry about her. He hit dial on his cell again;

"Judith, leave a message"

Ending his call, his anger flaring as Judith continued to direct his calls to her voice mail. He knew that he had hurt her, and that was the last thing that he intended too do. But with the previous weeks events building up, he knew that he had been out of it, blocking everything out from his mind. But now it seemed to creep back in slowly. So, he hit dial on his cell again;

"Judith, leave a message"

He crushed his cell in his hand, feeling the handset turn to dust and broken pieces of plastic and metal. As he threw what pieces had remained in his hand against the wall as it smashed and scattered across his office floor. His hands grappling in his hair, his anger surging through his veins, everything thing pushing, forcing to break free from the barrier that he had built back up around him, was fading slowly.

"Mr Compton...Sire?"

Bill ignored him, feeling his hands form into tight fists.

"Sire?" a voice echoed around Bill's ears.

Finally turning to meet the gaze of Maxwell, the youngest member of Bill's security team. He had hired Maxwell for Kiara's security detail when Christian had been alive.

"What is it Maxwell?" Bill hissed through his teeth.

Maxwell seemed on edge as he took another step towards Bill.

"I have the information that you required. We have the targets captured and secured. Waiting on your approval to dispose of them" he stuttered.

Bill grunted as he remembered that he had ordered for his security team to track down Taylor and Sawyer. Soon he would do what he intended too do with his previous employees.

"Have them taken to the warehouse. Immediately!" He commanded.

"Yes your Majesty" Maxwell bowed.

"On second thought..." Bill smirked not finishing his sentence.

Maxwell turned to face him, as Bill dropped his fangs as they clicked into place. As he launched himself at Maxwell, latching onto his neck as his fangs sank into his soft flesh. Maxwell grunted and screamed as Bill continued to take pull after pull of blood from his neck, feeling Maxwell writhe in pain in his arms, but Bill did not care. All he wanted was the blood.

As Bill took one last mouthful of blood from his neck, Maxwell's heart barely beating as he withdrew his fangs. As his hands wrapped around his neck and snapped Maxwell's neck like a twig, with one large crack..He was dead. His body slumped to the floor.

The door to his office opened and there stood one of the maids that he had ordered to bring him fresh warmed Royal Blend. She let out a gasp as she saw the drained body slumped on the floor. Bill could see the fear on her face as he remained still.

"Clean that up" he ordered.

He walked back around to his desk, gathering the information that Maxwell had provided for him. As he sat in his chair and began flicking through the many pages of the file.

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