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Closed? Or Strengthened Connection

Bill Compton

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Sexual Closed? Or Strengthened Connection

Post by Bill Compton on Fri Jun 21, 2013 1:58 pm

Where was she?

He felt every impulse in his body, his blood scan out for her. But yet there was an empty hole where she should have been. But she was gone. Bill could not understand it? There connection had gone further and deeper than any other that he had ever bonded with. His influence over Jessica had existed into this new life, everything that she felt, he felt. Not quite understanding the full extent of his power and strength as he summoned her. Having her describe how it felt when he had called her, as though his hand were crushing her heart. He never intended to hurt her, but he was new. He still didn't know what he was...Or what he could do.

But where was she? Her blood no longer flowed through his veins. As though it had evaporated into nothing. This new found strength, he had never felt anything like this before....Lilith's blood flowing through his veins. She was apart of him.

But where was she?

He could still remember her face, her eyes. How her body responded to his own touch as though it was just yesterday. The way her luscious hair flowed down her soft cheeks, how her lips parted when crying out in ecstasy.

But there was someone new in his life....Lilith.
But he still couldn't understand.....Where was Kiara?

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