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Who Is That Guy?

Brianna Jackson

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Sexual Who Is That Guy?

Post by Brianna Jackson on Thu Oct 03, 2013 8:42 am

Brianna was getting sick and tired of being pushed to the sidelines by Bill Compton, he always had something to do, and she was getting no where with this vampire stuff. She still couldn't find Willa and Jessica was gone....again. And that meant that Brianna was left alone, again for another night. Bill said he had something to do, leaving her alone, when all she wanted to do was talk with him. But he had promised her that they would speak before the evening was out. But she knew that Bill would still be busy, he always was now days. She could sense that something was up, but she didn't want to prod him just yet.

She would have to find the answers the way that had learned when she was younger, snoop around for the answers that she wanted. Peeking her head around the door of Bill's office she found it empty. If she wanted to know what was going on with Bill, she would have to figure it out for herself. As she closed the door gently behind her, she headed straight for his desk, nothing on it at all. Clean as a whistle.


She instantly began searching through his drawers, finding files upon files or nothing. Whatever Bill was hiding from everyone it wouldn't be in his drawers, he would have a secret place that he would put things. But that is when something caught her eye, a photograph hidden beneath the files. Pulling it from the pile as she gazed at the photo as she read the name on the back and with a time, date and location; John Quinn.

He looked delicious, he was gorgeous. And why would Bill have a photo of him in his drawer? But all Brianna wanted to know was....Who was this John Quinn

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