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Packing is great

Willa Burrell
Willa Burrell

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Sexual Packing is great

Post by Willa Burrell on Mon Jan 13, 2014 2:56 pm

Willa started packing almost as soon as she got home from the night Tara asked her to move in with her, she was so excited. There was the matter of talking with Bill and saying her goodbyes but other than that she was on the road to freedom for the very first time in her lifebesdies University ...even then ....

In University she was still under her father’s thumb and in her father’s cage with six hairy huge guards for her only playmates .Nothing was worse for a beautiful budding business student to have these awful mongrels her father called guards around all the time.Willa didn’t have a normal childhood after her mother left why should her young adult hood be any different and what resentments she held for what her parent did to her.

Willa’s imagination wonders while packing to her university days and how painful they were for her .How falling into her books was all she had. There were no friends for Willa and there certainly no boyfriends until Greg and that wasn’t until the last semester .University was for learning and nothing more her father made sure of that .As she automatically packs one box after another she comes across a family portrait taken when she was six out in the apple orchard . It was one of her best memories or her parents and of being a family. She sits down in the dining room and starts to cry just small tears at first but the huge drops start hitting the portrait of her family that time forgot.

She looks around the expanse of her living quarters over run with boxes and remembers the day her mother moved out. Her mother started early in the  with her two best friends ,Willa’s aunts women who were loving Willa , looking out for her best interest ,these women betrayed her as much as her mother did.Willa was enraged she cried,she pleaded,sobbed,she stamped her feet,she locked herself in her room , she did everything she could think of and the she finally hung her head.And during all this time her father sat up in his office and drank his ten year old scotch ,one glass after another while leaving his young daughter to deal with  her mother leaving her alone.Her mother tried to explain to Willa why she had to leave and yes she loved the vampire and no not more than Willa just different .Willa sat through this poor excuse of an explanation for why her mother was betraying her and not taking Willa with her at the very least .Willa was a young intelligent  delightful child with an IQ of 170 so she knew bullshit when she smelled it and right then and there decided  ....Well it’s just Dad and me ...  she just didn’t know at age 10 that god old dad was going to lock her up for the next 12 years like a beautiful bird in a gilded cage ....memories they can be deadly ....

“No...I’m not going to do this to myself and get all worked up “     she said under her breath .She gives a big sigh and smiles to herself while thinking to herself  “ fuck you mother “  and grabs the portrait  and throws it in the garbage can .Her smile gets even bigger ....A new beginning she reminds herself ....  ” Freedom”     she giggles as looks at Miss Meow and Miss meow meows back ...And Willa starts laughing her ass off....

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