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Getting What He Wants

Bill Compton
Bill Compton

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Sexual Getting What He Wants

Post by Bill Compton on Wed Jan 22, 2014 3:09 pm

Bill's fingers drifted along the keys of his piano softly as he shut out his mind and allowed nothing but the music that he played to take over him. He had been playing the same piece of music for the last several hours and he found a comfort in this particular masterpiece.

Transcriptions - Bach

Bill enjoyed this time alone as he was able to focus on nothing but the music, it allowed him to free his mind of everything that had been clouding his judgement, free himself of any building anger from everything that seemed to attempting to destroy the new him. The old him, the once God that had been within him was gone.

As he picked up the tempo as his speed increased a little as they drifted over the keys. Closing his eyes as he let the music carry him away from everything. The music took him away to places where he found peace and tranquillity...only to to disrupted by his cell buzzing. Slamming his hands down on the keys as he pulled out his cell and answered it.

"I expected and update over an hour ago" he growled into his cell.

"I apologize your Majesty...But Miss Jackson has returned to the estate and is secured"

Turning from the piano as he slid the lid down behind him.

"Very well....I shall expect her and Arabella at my estate one hour after dark. Not a minute later...Oh and Matthew..." his voice tone lightened at the end.

"Yes your Majesty?" his voice stuttered.

"I want an extra ear listening. I want to know exactly what is going on there" he ordered.

"Yes of course your Majesty"

"I appreciate your discretion on this matter" he instructed.

"Yes sire"

Bill ended the call straight away as he slid his cell into his pocket. If he knew Quinn as well as he did, then Arabella would more than likely knew as well. All he needed was a lead to Roxanne, and one way or another he would get it....Sooner rather than later.

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